Wholesaling Pre-habs

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Wholesaling Pre-habs

One of my clients that I fund a lot of deals for, Anthony, has become a master of Wholesaling Pre-habs. I fund 4-10 deals a month for him (like clockwork), and he’s getting in and out of these properties for quick profits. So I was thinking that you should get to know his system. I […]

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5 Rules That Sell a House

Congrats! You’ve purchased a property, rehabbed it, shined and polished it up nicely, and now you’re ready to put it on the market. You’ve got this whole real estate investing thing down. But before you rush into listing and marketing your property, take some time to prepare for what’s ahead. When I’m planning to market […]

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Finding Hyperbuyers

If you only know one thing about real estate investing, it’s that it’s a relationship-based business. Without fellow investors, buyers, real estate agents, lenders, etc. to support your endeavors, you’ll never achieve your long-term goals. Yet, so many investors focus solely on finding deals—without spending the time needed to build strong relationships with trustworthy buyers […]

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5 Strategies to Crush Your Competition in Competitive Markets

For SREC coach and real estate investor Christopher Seder, the MLS in his market really started to dry up around 2011-2012. He quickly realized he needed to get creative if he wanted to stay in the real estate investing game. Where you are at in your market, it's probably the same situation. Not as many […]

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Luxury Home Flipping

Most real estate investors who are looking to flip investment properties often deal with middle to lower-priced homes. The costs involved are typically more manageable and the likelihood of finding buyers is higher. It requires an in-depth and strategic understanding of the market so that investors can make profits from the transaction. Flipping a luxury […]

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Forecasting the Real Estate Investing Market

Have you ever wished there was some kind of “Crystal Ball” inside your real estate investing toolbox that would allow you to peak into the current housing market to find out HOW it’s changing, and WHAT to do? Well, I got a special treat for you today. I conducted an eye-opening interview with Daren Blomquist. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Investment Properties

[php snippet=1] You've been working on your real estate investment property for months, so what do you do to get as many buyer in to your house as possible all at once so that you can sell to the one buyer that matters?  How do you get someone chomping at the bit to buy your […]

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How Surviving Cancer Inspired My 5 Step Process

I'm a real estate investor from the greater Cleveland Ohio area, which for a long time people called “the mistake on the lake.” But right now there's amazing things happening in Cleveland. Not only is it amazing for sports, with Lebron James and the Cavs winning a championship, and the Cleveland Indians making a World […]

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How to Leverage Big Data to Find Real Estate Deals

  Analytics and data are everywhere now, so obviously us real estate investors want to try to use it to our advantage, right? In comes Attom Data Solutions, one of the nations leading providers of real estate data and intelligence on real estate trends, an awesome resource for real estate investors and entrepreneurs. I've been […]

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10 Big Mistakes that Kill Real Estate Deals

Don't you wish someone could tell you all the mistakes you need to avoid before you actually make them? I recently sat down with my former coaching student, and now Head Coach of SREC, Kyle Garifo, to reflect on some of the mistakes and challenges that we faced investing in real estate and flipping investment […]

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