3 Ways to Get Your Deals FUNDED

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3 Ways to Get Your Deals FUNDED

We know that there are multiple different ways to get real estate financing. The problem is that most real estate investors have no clue these options exist. They are tricked into thinking they need their own CASH or bank financing to fund their deals. They are lead to believe that they must WHOLESALE properties for […]

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[New Training] Protecting Your Principal Part I

As some of you know, I have been getting a lot of questions from students lately about advice regarding becoming a private investor. I am starting to get a sense that we need to create and offer a training specifically for private investors, private lenders and self-directed IRA investors. I am working on creating a […]

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[8 Steps] How to Become a Successful and Confident Self-Directed Private Investor

Lately I’ve been noticing a trending question among my students – they have been telling me they have some extra cash on hand or in their self-directed IRA accounts and need some advice on what to do with it. This question really got the wheels turning in my brain and I decided to create a […]

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Let Me Help You Become a Confident Investor

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What You Should Know About Real Estate Contracts

Some basic information about real estate contracts that might help you with your next deal As a professional investor you already know that it’s almost impossible to buy or sell a house, an office building, land, or just about any other kind of property without real estate contracts. But what exactly is a contract, and […]

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The 411 on HUD Homes

Government foreclosures, aka HUD homes, is an important topic for real estate investors to be aware of. You may automatically think the houses need a ton of work or maybe you didn’t even know that you could get hold of these properties. Let me walk you through exactly where these HUD homes come from: Many […]

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Ask the Real Estate Trainers: Aren’t Short Sales a Paperwork Nightmare? – Strategic Real Estate Coach

Real estate trainers at SREC share the secret for escaping a prison of paperwork, freeing you for wild success in short sales. By now, you’ve gathered that some of the most valuable information you’ll get from the real estate trainers at Strategic Real Estate Coach is about who you need to get on your team. […]

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Ask the Real Estate Trainers: Does My Company Need an Acquisitions Manager?

Wondering whether you really need an Acquisitions Manager on your team? Here’s what the real estate trainers at SREC say… The real estate trainers at SREC won’t hesitate a moment to answer this excellent question. The answer is YES! Wondering why an Acquisitions Manager is such an important member of your team? Two words: paperwork […]

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Rehabbing Scope of Work: Understanding Costs

Repairs are a wild-card in the rehab process, and you’ve got to be as accurate as you can to give yourself the best chance for maximum profits. For each property, you will need to decide the level of work you want to do on the house. Use the following categories, listed below from least expensive […]

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Three States Move to Ban Foreclosure Sales From Appraisal Values

Check out this article that I found about eliminating foreclosures and short sales as comparables. Well, it sure does sound nice -but does that give an accurate picture of the market? What do you think?

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