3 Ways to Get Your Deals FUNDED

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3 Ways to Get Your Deals FUNDED

We know that there are multiple different ways to get real estate financing. The problem is that most real estate investors have no clue these options exist. They are tricked into thinking they need their own CASH or bank financing to fund their deals. They are lead to believe that they must WHOLESALE properties for […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio is New & Noteworthy

Our podcast, Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio, has been making waves on iTunes lately! We were ranked at #8 under the “Investing” category – which is HUGE considering there are thousands of other investing podcasts! We are also featured right on the front page iTunes under the New & Noteworthy section! I want to give […]

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How to Be a Current Day Robin Hood: Real Estate Overages and Finders Fees

REAL ESTATE OVERAGES: ADVANTAGES FOR EVERYONE If you haven’t heard about it already, I want to talk to you again about the Hooked on Overages master class that myself and my buddy, Bob Diamond are offering this week. Bob Diamond is a Business and Real Estate Attorney and has been in the real estate investing industry […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: Why Conventional Bank Loans Don't Work for 97% of Real Estate Investments

In this episode of Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio, Josh Cantwell talks about why conventional bank financing and conventional bank lending doesn't work for most real estate investment properties. P.S. After you tune in to this free podcast, I'd really appreciate it if you could leave me a review. It'll only take you a second... and […]

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Want to Sell Investment Property Fast and Make More Money in the Bargain?

Savvy owners use this fast-track method to sell investment property fast and amass a fortune in the process. If you’re in the real estate game, or thinking about getting involved, there are a few things you should learn as quickly as possible. The most important is how to sell investment property fast for top dollar […]

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I Was Up All Night...

I want to partner up with you... I want to fund your deals for you... I want us... to make a lot of money together. But apparently... you aren't interested. Because I told you... the ONLY way any of that can happen... was if you attended yesterday's invitation only meeting where I revealed the details […]

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Bad news for real estate investors - Buyers can't get loans.

So I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news today but there's some data I have in my hands that I must reveal to you. Read this carefully please. *Short Sale flips are tougher to do than ever. There simply aren't enough people who can get bank loans to "cash you out" once you […]

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Here's why 2012 Real Estate Investing Is Different

We're smack dab in the middle of the biggest market shift we'll ever see in our lifetime. It creates challenges sure. But it also creates new profitable opportunities. After reading up on the news about how no one can get bank loans and reading your survey responses last week, I decided to show you EXACTLY how […]

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The Economy Needs More Buyers and Borrowers

2011 was a bad year for home prices. As a matter of fact, it was the worst ever. As a real estate investor looking for bargain properties that can be scooped up, fixed, and either sold or rented - that has to music to your ears. There’s only one problem: Mortgage bankers have gotten a […]

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Even You Won't Be Able To Qualify for a Mortgage Any Time Soon

The other night I was lying in bed reading an article that blew me away... It's called "Prime Mortgage Borrowers: Then vs. Now." It was comparing the prime borrower in 2007 to the prime borrower RIGHT NOW. Check out how ridiculously easy it was to qualify for prime only a few years ago... In 2007 […]

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