Simple 7 Step Plan for Success with Private Investors

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Simple 7 Step Plan for Success with Private Investors

Many of my students use my lending company, Freeland Lending, to fund their deals, but I really encourage them after they get a few successful flips under their belt to eliminate the middle man (ME) and save themselves some cash. There are several important little pieces to the real estate investing puzzle that you need […]

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7 Insider Tips to Finding Off-Market Properties

The game has changed - once again - and the competition is huge. In order to stay ahead of your competitors and keep on top of your market, you have need to have a comprehensive package and automated business set up for yourself. You have to have a competitive edge - so what does this […]

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Free Virtual Real Estate Investing Resource

Don’t Have Access to the MLS? Here’s Your Solution... As a real estate investor, you probably know that the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is where real estate agents list all their inventory. You can find great real estate investments on the MLS. Realtors can also manually pull lists of real estate investment properties for you […]

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55 Simple and Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Investments

Ever wish there was a manual that you could go through that would show you all the ways that my team and I find our great real estate investment deals? Perhaps a book that included links to the sites we use, details on each and even some real life case studies? Well guess what – […]

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Teach Your Private Lender the Best Way to Fund Real Estate Deals

Does your private lender know how to fund real estate deals? Show him how it’s done and make points in the process. Most active, full-time real estate investors are interested in recruiting private lenders so they don’t have to use their own money to fund real estate deals. These lenders are typically not big time […]

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Real Estate Investing Basics Many Investors Forget

Don't Forget These Real Estate Investing Basics, and You'll Do Just Fine There are really only a handful of building blocks that form the foundation for success in real estate investing. That being said, young or old, grizzled trooper or newbie, it’s surprising how many investors are unfamiliar with these essential building blocks. In fact, […]

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12 Life Lessons

Yesterday, on my “Life Lessons” webinar, I took a totally different angle. I didn’t teach a “SYSTEM” for making money. Instead I focused on the “Life Lessons” I’ve learned while forced to be away from my businesses. These are the concepts that make a business worth working at and fighting for. When you aren’t allowed […]

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None of the Work but Half the Profits? Learn How at the SREC Foreclosure Academy

How’s this for an incredible offer – anyone who attends our SREC Foreclosure Academy in May will be eligible to participate in our Apprentice Partnership Program. What does that mean? It means that you can become one of my partners, my team handles the “heavy lifting” and after closing a deal, you get half the […]

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