Who Is Buying Houses in 2018?

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Who Is Buying Houses in 2018?

So often as real estate investors we talk about how to change what we’re doing in order to build our businesses. We talk about improving our direct mail techniques, automating our systems, and finding private money. But if we’re not keeping a pulse on what buyers are doing, all that work is pointless. The more […]

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5-Week Direct Mail Marketing Plan

Whoever said “print is dead” has obviously never met a real estate investor. When it comes to building a successful real estate investing business, direct mail marketing is a key component. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details here, but there are countless studies that prove that consumers spend more time looking at direct mail […]

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How to Find Motivated Sellers (And Get Them to Talk to You)

Finding just the right seller sometimes feels like the never-ending blind date of real estate investing. And so often it’s a painful experience… although you always wind up with a few good stories. What if you could find a goldmine of highly motivated sellers and take some of the pain out of that search for […]

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Acquiring Deals Like a Boss

We all got into real estate investing because we want more money, right? We want more passive income. But what we really want is control. It’s not about the money, when you think about it. If you dig down deep to discover what you really want, it’s probably control... we want to be able to […]

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7 Strategies of Motivated Seller Marketing

One of the top questions I get asked, as a professional in the real estate investing industry, is “How do you find motivated seller leads – and persuade them to sell to you?” Let me tell you: it’s a fine-tuned process that has taken years to develop. But, now that I have systems and procedures […]

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5 Steps to Creating Your Own Off-Market Lists

When it comes to creating a list of motivated sellers, the more unique you can make your list—the better. In the competitive world of real estate investing, a list that is highly specific to your needs and goals will get you much better leads that help you boost your business. So, what does it take […]

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Multiple Levels of Seller Motivation

Believe it or not, there are multiple levels of motivated sellers. In other words, there are sellers who are more motivated to sell investment properties than others. Which also means there are other levels of sellers who aren't as motivated, but are you hitting up all of them with your marketing? I set up a […]

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6 Effective Ways to Build Your Buyers List

So you found a steal of a deal property and got it under contract, so now what? If this isn't your first real estate rodeo, then you probably have a solid buyer's list put together, but what if you don't? It's time to put in a little extra work and get one together so you […]

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10 Step Marketing Funnels for Motivated Sellers

I can't believe it's been over 10 years now since I've been mentoring other students on how to become a successful real estate investor. I've done countless webinars, live coaching classes, video trainings, podcasts, blog posts and spoken at multiple live events. I have seen the market shift and the main questions I get asked […]

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4 Profit Centers of Real Estate

Step back and took a look at your life and observe where you are currently at. Are you currently happy with where you are and what you see? Are you living the lifestyle you have always wanted? Are you stable and where you want to be financially? If not, it may be time to invest […]

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