8 Key Ways Pros Market to Private Lenders to Fund Real Estate Investments

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8 Key Ways Pros Market to Private Lenders to Fund Real Estate Investments

Here are 8 powerful marketing tools for recruiting private money to fund real estate investments. If you’ve been flipping houses for any length of time you’ve probably learned that borrowing money from private lenders is the best way to fund real estate investments. But the big questions are how do you find these lenders? Then, […]

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What You Should Know Before Trying to Raise Private Capital for Real Estate Investments

Don’t Be Intimidated by Federal Laws Affecting How You Raise Private Capital for Real Estate Investments. Here’s a Look at What’s Involved. Leave it to the federal government to beef up the red tape quotient. It seems no matter where you turn when trying to raise private capital for real estate investments, there is just […]

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It's Profit Time Again: 5494 South Main Street Is On The Market

The rehab at 5494 South Main Street is done and ready to go on the market. We're into this house for $74,000; we bought for $52,000 and our rehab budget was $22,000. The rehab on this one was mostly cosmetic - new windows, new bathroom, paint, carpet, trim, new kitchen (cabinets, countertops, appliances, backsplash). It […]

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Buying & Selling HUD Homes

Buying HUD properties is a simple, fast way to make consistent profits – quickly putting thousands of dollars in your pocket over and over again. Before we find out some of the tips to working with HUD properties, let’s define what a HUD property is. A HUD property is one that used to have an […]

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