The Bricks You Need To Build Your Real Estate Investment Business

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The Bricks You Need To Build Your Real Estate Investment Business

Modern life means significant changes for many industries, and, while advancements are usually positive, they can also lead to job loss on a wide scale. It’s hardly surprising that, with everything up in the air, real estate is becoming an increasingly tempting option. This has, of course, always been a fantastic way to substantial earnings. […]

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Why You Should Never Stop Taking Risks In Business

Running a successful business is not as easy as some entrepreneurs might make it look; there is always going to be trial and error and risk taking. Becoming an entrepreneur, whether it’s in real estate or something else, is so exciting, but there is risk involved. However, if there is a risk, you are still […]

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The Automated Offer Formula for Real Estate Investing

[php snippet=1]  How can a real estate investor make sure they purchase investment properties at the right price? Whether you have heard it before or not, there’s no more true statement in all of real estate investing than this: If you buy properties right then you can’t miss. The purchase price dictates whether you will […]

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5 Things You Missed About Real Estate Investing This Week

As many of my students and subscribers may know, we offer a lot of free content. We have a weekly podcast that comes out every Wednesday called Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio, we have a YouTube channel where we post new videos weekly and we’re on almost all the other social channels as well sharing […]

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7 Steps to Prep for a Fast Fix and Flip Real Estate Investment

Nothing sucks up money and eats into profits like a house sitting vacant so it's an enormous mistake to buy a house and then have it sit for days, weeks, months before the repairs and work gets done. Trust me, I've made this mistake before and all of a sudden I've spent $1500 just on […]

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10 Must-Knows About Buying Real Estate Investment Properties at Auctions

If you’re interested in buying real estate as an investment, you should know the local MLS isn’t your only option. Real estate auctions are growing in popularity, especially for people looking for a bargain. Experienced investors often buy properties this way, but technology has simplified the process and has made it less intimidating to new […]

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Do Real Estate Webinars or Live Workshops Achieve Faster Results

  What's the difference between webinars versus live events? Does live events or webinar get better results? Do webinars or live workshops achieve faster implementation, action and execution? My Live Event Experience Back in 2003 when I started in my real estate investing career, webinars were not the primary method of consuming new real estate […]

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Free Virtual Real Estate Investing Resource

Don’t Have Access to the MLS? Here’s Your Solution... As a real estate investor, you probably know that the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is where real estate agents list all their inventory. You can find great real estate investments on the MLS. Realtors can also manually pull lists of real estate investment properties for you […]

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What do Josh & Cleveland Whiskey Have in Common? [Private Equity Case Study]

506(c) SEC General Solicitation For those of you that are local Clevelanders like myself, maybe you caught the article in the Plain Dealer this weekend regarding Cleveland Whiskey launching a new website as a portal for accredited investors. More and more companies are doing this. It is EXACTLY how I’ve been raising money for the […]

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The Deals Are Out There, And Here’s How To Find Them

  Real Estate in 60 Seconds - Finding Deals This week we were able to catch up with one of my property manager’s, Dione Saliba, for a new episode of Real Estate in 60 Seconds. We joined him one of our current properties that we’re rehabbing, 26930 Oxford Park Lane in Olmsted Township, Ohio. A […]

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