The Ultimate Guide to Selling Investment Properties

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Investment Properties

[php snippet=1] You've been working on your real estate investment property for months, so what do you do to get as many buyer in to your house as possible all at once so that you can sell to the one buyer that matters?  How do you get someone chomping at the bit to buy your […]

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Weekly Real Estate News and Information 4/21/15

Hey guys, Josh here. You know I love to be on top of real estate news and trends, so I've decided to start sharing my favorite posts of the week so you can stay in the loop with me.   Real Estate in 60 Seconds with Josh Cantwell Check out our latest edition of Real Estate in […]

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4 Keys to Quickly Selling Houses in 90 Minutes

Learn the 4 keys to selling houses in 90 minutes in the latest episode of the Real Estate Investing Made Easy Podcast presented by Strategic Real Estate Coach

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Best Cities for Buying and Selling Houses

Where are the best markets in the country for buying and selling houses? Zillow recently ranked the top 10 markets to find out where buyers or sellers hold the most power. Zillow defines a buyer’s market as one in which “buyers have more bargaining power” because houses tend to stay on the market longer and […]

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2,000 NEW Motivated buyers leads EVERY month... MUST SEE

This week I'm going to be interviewing two of my students who combined are closing 50 TRANSACTIONS A MONTH. YES, 50! John and Scott joined my coaching program in 2009 and their businesses are 95% automated now. John's buyers system alone gets him 2,000 NEW motivate Buyer leads every month. He converts those buyers into […]

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Let’s get real honest today, I’m requesting your feedback please

Our economy sucks right now for a lot of people. It’s unfortunate but times have gotten tough for some really close friends of mine.  Some friends are killing it but not everyone. So here’s what I’m doing. I’m going to figure out all the current issues, challenges and problems that “REAL” real estate investors are […]

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Finding Your Sweet Spot

Unless you narrow down the geographical range of where you intend to buy houses, you may be stuck in your car for hours each day driving from appointment to appointment. This really isn't a good use of time. We call this finding your "real sweet spot." You need to quickly identify those parts of town […]

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$90k in 90 Days

Jim Fleck did $90k in 90 days. He used none of his own money and while only working about 5 hours a week. Now he wants to take you by the hand for 6 weeks and teach YOU how to do it too. He wants to make you rich. Wednesday morning (October 21st) at 11am […]

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PLF Revealed

By Josh Cantwell: Greg Clement and Jeff Watson revealed a new formula, the Property Launch Formula, for selling houses at lightning speed in today's real estate market. Feel free to check out the replay below and leave your comments and questions. This video is currenlty unavailable and will be re-posted shortly.

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