10 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

Recently I put together a training video and blog about how to find reliable, quality contractors. Now I am going to tell you the next step on what to do once you have put together a list of possible contractors you may want to work with. As you already know, a good contractor can really […]

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How To Outsource Improvements In 6 Easy Steps

Do you know EXACTLY how to plan out your renovations and improvements once you’ve located a great deal that needs some repairs? Are you a little intimidated of making a mistake when a property needs repairs? Well if you are like me (not handy AT ALL) this can seem a little confusing and scary. Fear […]

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(Student Case Study) How to Create Standard Operating Procedures and Systems in Your Real Estate Business

Work the System This past week, I was able to spend some time with one of our Master’s Elite Coaching Members and also an investor with Freeland, Phil Luther. He is a very experienced real estate investor with over 30 years experience a massive rental portfolio and who has been part of our high-end coaching […]

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Great Real Estate Investments Sell Themselves (And How to Find Real Estate Investments)

TWO NEW REAL ESTATE INVESTING CASE STUDIES FROM JOSH CANTWELL: Today I'm going to walk you through two brand new personal case studies we have of homes we sold in record time last week and yielded a profit of $86,000. I knew this spring selling season was going to be hot, but so far I’m blown […]

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[Done For You] Freedom Funding

BREAKTHROUGH new training for real estate investors who need capital to fund their deals: This training...and the capital that comes with it.....might be my most powerful work to date, and I'm betting it will completely change he way you do business. No charge. No Opt-In. Nothing for Sale. Get it here. Josh P.S. I just […]

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Fixer formula automates offers for YOU!

This training video I just uploaded explains our AUTOMATED OFFER FORMULA and exactly how we've automated the offer process on every home we buy and flip. You should use THIS EVERYTIME you scout out a house to invest in. It's only going to make your life easier and allow you to make offers faster. Check […]

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Equity Partnerships vs Hard Money. You choose which is better.

Do you know the difference between Equity Partnerships Versus a Hard Money Lender? Let me give you a quick summary: Equity partnerships: Don’t require down payments Don’t require good credit Don’t require money up front to cover fees, points or closing costs Roll everything into the loan SPLIT THE PROFITS Hard money: Requires 20% down […]

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[Free Video] Force Others To Fund YOUR Deals

I just posted another training video where I outline how I am able to land 3-6 houses a month for 30-40 cents on the dollar using other people's money: Click here to watch the free video (no opt in) This is how I'm able to flip houses in great upper class neighborhoods for an average […]

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Others Fund Your $40K Deals (Free Video)

How to make money in real estate: I just posted another real estate investor training video where I outline how I am able to buy 3-6 houses a month for 30-40 cents on the dollar using other people's money: Click here to watch the free video. (no opt in) This is how I'm able to flip houses […]

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Real Estate Coaching on Government Foreclosures & HUD Homes

Have you ever flipped a government foreclosure? Do you know what a HUD home is?  Do you need Real Estate Coaching? Well in this training video I explain EXACTLY what a HUD home is, how the government forecloses on homeowners, how these properties go to auction, how to buy them once they are HUD homes […]

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