REAL CASE STUDY: Minutes of work for $4,500 (Closed YESTERDAY)


I got a cool update from one of the Underground Geniuses Ryan, who is one of the guest trainers on tomorrow night’s webinar.

He laid out exactly how he pocketed a cool $4,500 assignment check on a deal he did YESTERDAY.

It only took MINUTES of his time to put together because of the automated systems to get floods of motivated sellers and qualified buyers on the Internet.

(I’ve got to stress this… his SELLER and his BUYER – both in his local area -- came to him on the internet!)

I copied his email below, and we’ll show you the actual check on the call.

And if you haven’t registered yet, do it now because spots are filling up fast. It’s Thursday night at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. Register now:

Here’s Ryan’s email…. (You’ve got to read this. It’s super cool – It’ll tell you the whole story on the call, and show you the actual check!)


From: Ryan Bush
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 08:14:47 -0700
To: Josh Cantwell
Subject: RE: Yesterday's closing

Hey Guys,

I wanted to share a deal I closed on just yesterday!

The profit wasn’t huge but I literally only had minutes of my time involved and zero of my own money or credit involved. My Favorite type of Deal!

Here’s a quick recap.

I received the seller lead from a combination of offline and online techniques that I’ll share with you on the webinar this Thursday.

From that I received a completed Property Information Sheet from my website on 5/20. On the line asking “How did you hear about us” it said “letter at my house”.

Well, I was a little surprised because 1. I hadn’t mailed any letters in about 6 months and 2. I wondered how he found my website.

Then I remembered a sneaking strategy I was testing. You’ll love to hear this one because it was SO killer simple.

So when I finally spoke to this lady, she told me that she immediately went to my website the day she received the letter and bookmarked it because she knew her tenants would be leaving in April of 2011 and the house needed too many repairs that she simply couldn’t afford make.

After finding out she would take $15k for the house that I estimated to be worth $60K-70K in excellent condition, I made an appointment to meet her. At the appointment I negotiated her down to $10K and 60 days to close.

I knew I didn’t want to rehab this thing because of the location so I figured I should give myself some time just in case I couldn’t wholesale it maybe I could put someone in on a Work For Equity- Lease/Option. In any case, I didn’t need anywhere near 60 days.

After creating a pretty big online presence in my market over the last year, I have been able to acquire a nice sized buyers list.

Honestly, doing that was easy once I had the plan laid out… it’s the same stuff I’ll be sharing with the listeners on the webinar.

Anyway, I emailed the property description, photos and little flip video, with a Headline that stated “Steal This House” to over 100 potential wholesale buyers on my list and a whopping 3 called me back. Turns out that’s all that was needed.

I gave him the lockbox code and sent him by the house to peek inside. He was happy so we initially agreed on $17,500.

He called me back last Thursday to tell me that after checking title there was a $2,500 property tax lien on the house so I agreed to drop the price to $14,500. Since I had developed a nice relationship with the guy, I simply assigned him my contract, he had his bank draw up a check for $4,500 and I walked away a happy man!

So once again, it’s definitely not my biggest profit but heck, I’d rather knock out 2-3 of these every month instead of spending 2-3 months rehabbing a single property and making the same amount. Way less work, for the same amount of profit.

I’ll show everyone the check on the webinar this Thursday!


End of email

Pretty Killer HUH?

Only a few minutes of work…

And I love the line that says…

“It’s definitely not my biggest profit but heck, I’d rather knock out 2-3 of these every month instead of spending 2-3 months rehabbing a single property and making the same amount. Way less work, for the same amount of profit.”

Again, all this is from his buyer and seller websites and the “sneaky” marketing tricks you’ll learn on tomorrow night’s call.

Be sure to join us:

You’ll meet Ryan, and the rest of my “brain trust” on the call.

Talk soon,

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