Be The Bank

It's no secret that the banks are in trouble. They've got too many bad loans on their books, but they're not going to ask you or me for help.

I've been investing in short sales for 7 years and I've been teaching you to do the same since 2007. When you buy a short sale you are buying the "real estate" as you know.

Recently I have also been expanding into "note buying" and a lot of my highest level Platinum, Maverick and Master's Elite students are doing the same. When a short sale doesn't work out or doesn't make sense we pursue buying the "underlying paper" instead of the actual property.

A lot of smaller and medium sized banks actually prefer selling their notes instead of doing short sales and we've found it faster, easier and simpler than short sales in a lot of cases.

So I've set up a web class with my friend CHRIS - one of the most successful SREC Master's Elite students I have ever had - to teach you how to do both BOTH - note buying and short sales - at the same time.

Chris is a super successful short sale investor and has successfully transitioned into being a super successful note investor over the past 2 years. Chris and I have watched each other's success over the past 7 years and we've paralleled each other in a lot of ways.

So this class I am doing with CHRIS will show you how to "BE THE BANK" instead of how to negotiate with the bank.

Register for the class here :

On Tomorrow's Web Class, Chris and I won't hold back.

We'll show you :

  • How Chris was able to successfully transition from being a super successful short sale investor (he once did 200+ short sales in 1 year) to a short saler and a note buyer and how you can make more money by doing both at the same time.
  • Chris will show you how to quickly evaluate notes and tell one kind of note from another.
  • You'll know which ones generate quick cash and which ones are longer-term "get rich slow" investments.
  • Find the right people to talk to - this is essential because Note Buying is essentially one big relationship game.
  • Find the right people, and notes just come flooding in, letting you pick and choose the ones you want.
  • Buying and Flipping Notes without using YOUR OWN MONEY or YOUR OWN CREDIT.
  • There's nothing better than buying properties with other people's money. And when you already have the cash, no one cares about your credit.
  • Buy and sell Notes with NO marketing costs. No direct mail, no door knocking, no postcards, no internet marketing.
  • You'll discover that YOU BECOME THE BANK.  You're not buying the property, you're buying the debt attached to it. This gives you all the control over the exit strategy and the money making opportunity.
  • Chris and his partner Doug are going to show you how to identify which institutions sell notes and mortgages, such as credit unions, depository and non-depository lenders, private equity funds and private note holders (sellers who already hold a contract).
  • Knowing where to look for notes that you can buy is half the battle...
  • But Chris and Doug have even more to share...
  • They'll show you how to figure out which notes you can ACTUALLY buy, because there are two different kinds of mortgage loans, whole and securitized and you need to deal with them in different ways. Chris and Doug are going to show you the kind they recommend and why.
  • Remember I talked about using Other People's Money?
  • Chris and Doug are going to share 3 powerful strategies for funding notes, including one that doesn't even use YOUR OWN MONEY.
  • Discover how a property that's dropped in value by 30% or even 50% can still generate significant profits for an investor with the right strategies.

This is a perfect business model for new or experienced investors to get into residential or commercial property investing and is something that can easily be duplicated.  Jump on the web class and you'll see what I mean.

Here are just a few more of the amazing things you'll hear about tomorrow...

- How to get step-by-step NOTE BUYING MASTERY training from these experts

- The powerful software application they use that will AUTOMATE a lot of the process

- A partnership opportunity that you DO NOT want to miss out on.

Talk Soon,


P.S. If you are sick and tired of Bank of America, Wells Fargo and waiting 8 months to get paid on a short sale then this is perfect for you.

Register for this one time online web class now

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