How Many Real Estate Trainers Does One Student Need? – Strategic Real Estate Coach

You might find real estate trainers where you never thought to look for them.

One real estate trainer may be all a student truly needs. But be open to trainers who may enter your life along the way, because sometimes there are hidden gems out there just waiting to surprise you. There are so many aspects to real estate training and investing, and for every aspect there are people who are experts.

Your main goal in your career will be acquiring homes. Sure there are basic steps to follow to finding and purchasing homes. But everyone has a favorite tactic for doing that. Finding someone who has the experience and a proven system for getting leads can turn into quite a rewarding partnership.

One potential real estate trainer, or mentor, or possible partner would be a licensed real estate agent. An agent who has practiced for years can be the guide you need to a world of possible investments that goes beyond the Multiple Listing Service. A licensed real estate agent can work with you in purchasing homes that are “off-market.”

Just because a home is not listed does not mean the owner would not or does not want to sell. Some situations that would make a home “off market” are divorce, bankruptcy, probate and relocation. A real estate agent could work for you as a marketing manager in building up your seller and buyer database of off-market homes. Along the way you will be learning through experience on how to expand your business possibilities.

Having a real estate trainer is essential. But realize there are teachers all around you and don’t miss out on any opportunity to learn.

In fact, I’ve discovered that one of the keys to a successful life – in business and not – is to adopt an ongoing desire to learn. Learn something every opportunity you get… even when it’s a learning opportunity you’d rather not have.

You might have heard my story about having pancreatic cancer, and what I learned about real estate investing during that challenge. I’d love to share a commitment I made, and possibly an opportunity for you to help families facing this challenge right now. Check this out – it’ll just take a moment.




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