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Read on to discover how a simple monthly newsletter can do wonders for your real estate investment business – starting with making it easier to fund your deals.

The real estate investment business world is competitive. There’s a lot of noise out there, and it can be challenging to attract the attention of potential private investors. A monthly newsletter can change everything, setting you apart from the crowd, and leaving you with a long list of investors who are interested in funding your deals.

Newsletter Basics

Starting a monthly newsletter for your business isn’t complicated. There’s one simple rule to follow if you are going to incorporate a newsletter into your marketing: Make sure you are consistent. Stay in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis, and give them the information you know they want and need as they determine whether they want to do business with you.

This doesn’t have to be a glossy twelve-page production to get the coverage you need. A unique layout and design that highlights your latest house flip accompanied by information that your target audience would find interesting will do the trick.

Have you read a book on business, completed a class on financing, or heard about a current law or regulation that will impact the real estate community? These are all subjects that could be a part of your newsletter.

Building Your List

Increasing your public visibility is the main goal. The more people you get it to, the better. Sending it out by email will be one way to reach your customer base. But do you find your email database still on the slim side? Here’s how to build it up:

  • Print up copies of your newsletter and distribute by mail with the help of a purchased mailing list.
  • Bring some to a Chamber of Commerce meeting or other networking events you attend.
  • Be sure to include your website and email information along with a note suggesting the reader sign up for an online subscription to your newsletter.
  • Archive your newsletters onto your website.
  • Take advantage of social media and put a link to your newsletter onto Twitter and Facebook.
  • Look into setting up a version of your newsletter that will be easy to read on a mobile phone since more and more people are getting their news by way of their cell phones.

The pay-off that will come from taking the time to create a quality newsletter will come in the form of establishing yourself in the real estate community and increase your interaction with potential investors.

Pick up some more actionable tips to help you find and connect with private lenders by listening to our recent podcast interview with Nick Zalonis. Josh pried some pretty brilliant marketing ideas from Nick, who’s had tremendous success as an investor, right out of the gate. Here’s a link to the podcast episode with Nick. As always, the podcast is absolutely free, and absolutely packed with tips you can use right away to build a highly-profitable real estate investing business.


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