Create a Feeding Frenzy of Buyers in Just 1 Day

I’ve just released the THIRD Instant Cash Infusion video.

You can watch it here:

In the video my partner Jeff Watson (the creator of the famous option contact and America’s Top Short Sale Lawyer) and I give you TWO strategies for making real money in the next 16 – 60 days using the option contact.

We taught a little bit about this strategy on last night’s webinar but this goes into way more detail.

The best part is you’ll be helping the 10 million homeowners who want to sell and have no equity. Plus you’ll have 80–100 MILLION potential buyers looking for your deals wanting to buy from you.

(At the end of the video I’ll show you how in just 1 day you can create a feeding frenzy of hungry buyers!)

Watch the video and learn a 100% legal strategy to make a large infusion of money in a short period of time by connecting sellers (who otherwise couldn’t sell) and buyers (who otherwise couldn’t buy).

In the next 16 – 60 days you can make anywhere from $500 to $20,000 following the steps in the video.

These two strategies are work especially well in this market and you can do this everywhere – except in 4 states. (And it won’t be long before you can do it there too – in the video I’ll tell you where and why.)

You can watch it here:

It’s an amazingly simple strategy to get paid now, get paid again and again, and cash out big long term!

Best, Josh & Jeff

P.S. Be sure to watch the previous training videos if you haven’t yet, and leave a comment with your feedback.

You can watch the video here:

P.P.S. If you missed last night’s webinar where Jeff and I show you the top 3 “money making” strategies for 2011, 7 ”sure fire” marketing strategies to get leads for these deals and 9 ways to overcome laziness and procrastination you can watch that here.

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