What To Expect In 2011...

I don't pretend or claim I'm psychic.

Don't expect any predictions on the direction our economy is
heading or what the housing market is going to look like a few
months from now.

What I can tell you is exactly what my team and I are doing to
take advantage of today's market and how you can join us in
making 2011 your best year yet.

(I don't say that lightly... we're smack dab in the middle of the biggest
opportunity in our lifetime, and all signs point to 2011 being a pinnacle
year... well I guess that's sort of a prediction -- but I'd bank on it!
That is... if you know what do to...)

This February I'm holding a special event in Orlando, FL.

It's call the B.L.D. Summit and stands for Business Lifestyle and Design.

***You can learn more about it, and register here:


It's important you're there because we'll be sharing what we believe
is the future of real estate investing.

Here's a closer look at the agenda...

- The current state of the foreclosure investing industry and how to
grab hold of the goldmine that waits ahead.

- The most up-to-date and profitable information on…short sales,
REOs and bulk REOs, pre-foreclosures, subject to’s, notes, private
money, internet marketing, landlording.

- Pulling back the curtain and revealing today’s short sale industry
and better prepare you to take advantage of the flood of deals set to
hit the market in the “double dip”!

- What all the Foreclosure regulations entail so you won’t be delayed
or have a deal fall through because you didn’t know a technicality.

- Details of HAFA/HAMP program and how it affects your real estate
investing business
Safe Act: the truth behind it, and the truth about owner/ seller financing,
and why you don’t have to be afraid.

- The inside scoop on today’s short sale troubles and how to overcome

- Fabulous 5: 5 reasons why short sales have gotten tougher and what to
do about it.

And that's just in the FIRST SESSION of Day 1!!!

As you can see we're going to cover a lot and you'll be armed to the
teeth with the tools, training, resources and connections for dominating
your market in the new year and beyond!

***Don't miss this event, register here:


I should warn you that seats are limited and spots are going fast.

I hope to see you there.


P.S. If 2010 wasn't all you were hoping for then here's exactly what
you need to kick off 2011 strong.

***Don't miss this event, register here:


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