The Dovetail Method lets you legally flip short sales with back-to-back closings

Yesterday, I sent you an email regarding a very unique and little known strategy for flipping short sales.

Only intended for the most seasoned real estate investors, “The Dovetail Method™” is arguably the MOST effective way for quick-turning short sales for profit.

This system allows the short sale investor to engage, list, market, sell and conduct back to back closings avoiding the roadblocks facing the typical “Deed to Deed” short sale transaction.

Currently, “Dovetail” is being used by only 100 or so investors across the United States to facilitate back - to - back short sale closings. This is a small, close-knit group of my coaching students / investors who use this program effectively. We’ve held this strategy close to vest because, well frankly, it works.

In fact, The Dovetail Method™ is so exclusive that it is protected by copyright, trademarks and has a United States Patent Pending!

This Thursday night I’m holding a special webinar (part 1 of 2) with the creators of this strategy. What John and Jerry will share has never been revealed outside of our network of investors until now. There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this before. That’s been on purpose.

The first call (part 1) is this Thursday night at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

Don’t miss out. This could be your golden ticket.

Register here :

Again, because of the nature of this training event, lines will be extremely limited.

You can register now for the first training call at the link below:

Using the Dovetail Method™ you can:

- Comply With MLS “Owner of Record” Listing Rules
- Completely control your short sale listings
- Conduct back to back closings with ease
- Eliminate potential conflict of interest for your listing agents
- Have better control of your short sale deals
- No more “flaky” homeowners agreeing to a “deed in lieu” in the middle of your short sale
- Stop other investors from stealing your short sale deals
- Conduct your business with complete confidentiality
- Enjoy complete anonymity in your short sale deals
- Sell to any buyer
- And The Dovetail Method™ will allow you to sell your short sale properties to FHA end buyers.

This is a major breakthrough in how we do business as real estate investors, and the ultimate edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

As you know, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do short sale deals the old way. Strategies that worked 5 years ago – even 1 year ago are no longer effective.

On the webinar you’ll see PROOF “Dovetail” works today.

You can register now for the first training call at the link below:

Because of the nature of this call, lines will be extremely limited. I highly suggest you register now.


Josh “I Love Dovetail” Cantwell

P.S. Check out what one of my students has to say about Dovetail :

“Hey Guys, hope y’all are well. I wanted to let you know that April was an awesome month and I owe a lot of my success to you guys. We had 3 closings in April and made over $45,000! Attached I have two of the HUDs. We are on track to have 3 to 4 more closings in May and could make over $65,000 this month. We have 85+ deals in the pipeline and have partnered with a couple of brokers in town and get all of their short sale leads now. We still have a lot of room to grow and we are in the process of hiring some more people, but our business is really booming. We started less than a year ago and I am now confident that we will get to 7 to 10 closings a month very soon! Thanks for everything y’all do!”
– Zach K., South Carolina

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