Are Your Short Sale Profits Being Squeezed Down To Nothing?

If you’re like most investors you’ve felt your short sale profits being squeezed down to almost nothing recently….. UNLESS OF COURSE …………you are a “DOVETAIL” user.

The proof that investors are still making serious money with short sales could be seen at my live event I did in February. I held a 6 month contest for my coaching students that ended with a celebration and awards ceremony at the B.L.D. Summit. The average investor in the B.L.D. contest…


The Key?

Most of them were DOVETAIL users.

This Thursday April 21st at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific we will conclude our two part “Dovetail” Training.

Register Here for Part 2 now :

On the LIVE training call I will be interviewing 6 current, active, super profitable “Dovetail” members. Some of them were winners at the B.L.D. awards ceremony. You’ll hear how they went from struggling investors to super profitable success stories ALL because of “The Dovetail Method”.

If you want to be super profitable register here :

Here’s what members are saying about DOVETAIL:

“Single biggest solution for us is the seasoning issue. A lot of buyers in our market are FHA buyers and we can sell to FHA buyers all day long.”

“I can’t even say how huge it’s been.”

“We’ve closed 42 deals in the last two years, all Dovetail.”

“In 2010 alone, we gross profited over $520,000.”

“Ever since Dovetail, it’s been night and day for our business.”

“Solved problems with C buyer Lender.”

“We’ve earned at least $750,000 from Dovetail.”

“One of the things I appreciate most about Dovetail is I have the confidence that we’re doing everything with full disclosure.”

“It fixed many of the problems that had developed. It allowed us to have a process now that made sense and was really clear to the homeowner.”

Solve your investing problems now. Register for Part 2 :

Dovetail is the secret operating system we have been using for about a year now that allows us to:

- Comply With MLS “Owner of Record” Listing Rules
- Completely control short sale listings
- Eliminate potential conflict of interest for listing agents
- Routinely close deals back to back in the same day
- Have better control with agents and attorneys
- No more “flaky” homeowners agreeing to a “deed in lieu” in the middle of your short sale
- Stop other investors from stealing short sale deals
- Conduct your business with complete confidentiality
- Enjoy complete anonymity in your short sale deals
- Sell to any buyer
- And when properly used, the Dovetail Method™ will allow you to sell your short sale properties to FHA end buyers.

Jump on the training call Thursday night to find out more.

Even if you are a new investor and don’t think you will qualify to be a Dovetail member because you lack the experience or the deals closed you still need to get on the call to hear about this break though investing method and see what a difference it makes.

It will take you to the next level.

Talk Thursday,


If you missed PART 1 go here to catch it :

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