Free Real Estate App for new beta users

My childhood friend Greg Clement has created a killer new tool for real estate investors.

Download the free Hammerpoint App here now.

Greg and I have partnered together to profit on hundreds of houses with over the past 7 years in the Cleveland area. We've used this cool app he's releasing on almost every deal we've done.

You gotta see this. It's the first of it's kind.

It's called the Hammerpoint App which is a mobile app
that lets you create repair estimates on the fly from
your mobile device, computer or IPAD.

Greg is releasing it for free for just a few days to get as
many beta users as possible so they can get feedback
on the app.

Download the free Hammerpoint App here now.

Greg and I built the original application within REALEFLOW OPEN ROAD back in 2006. I've been using it weekly in my investment business ever since. Combined we've taught tens of thousands of investors to use it too.


It's saves investors at least 60 minutes on each deal they do. Here's why.

I need repair estimates for almost everything. So will you.

Short Sales, BPO's, rehabs, wholesale deals, lease options, rental properties, making offers, REO's, loss mitigation negotiations. They ALL require repair estimates.

I can't call a contractor every time I need a REPAIR ESTIMATE. Those contractors either charge for an estimate or they get pissed when they give estimates and don't get the job.

Instead of dealing with contractors I just use HAMMERPOINT. Make sense? You betcha.


Now you can run, save and print repair estimates right from your SMART DEVICE in 5 minutes or less.

I've used it and it works great, so I know you're going
to absolutely love it.  

The Hammerpoint App will work on almost any mobile
device including the iPhone, iPad, Droid, Kyros, Blackberry,
etc. If you don't have a smartphone, Hammerpoint has a
web based version that will work with any PC or Mac.  

Become a beta user here now

I have a student who used Hammperpoint to make over $150,000 on a DEAD short sale deal.

This is killer,


P.S. I thought the original HAMMPERPOINT APP within Realeflow Open Road was killer when we released that in 2006. Greg and his team at REALEFLOW have taken it to a whole new level with the MOBILE APP. This is the first of it's kind in real estate.

Go get it here.  It's free.

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Their client list includes:

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