Six Step Due Diligence and Property Analysis

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Six Step Due Diligence and Property Analysis

New real estate investors out there, are you doing your due diligence to protect yourself from a deal that’s sure to go sideways? Here are six steps (plus two bonus steps I threw in just because I like you) you can take to analyze potential properties and narrow your focus to the ones that are […]

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6 MORE FREE, Offline Ways to Find Killer Deals

  In this competitive real estate investing market, I know no one is going to turn down some FREE methods to help them find deals, so I'm going to continue with my previous topic. I gave you 7 free, offline methods to help find deals and I'm now giving you 6 more... 6 MORE Free, Offline […]

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Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio: From Theatre Professor to Real Estate Investor with Kathryn Schimmel

SREC's Head Coach, Kyle Garifo, talks to one of our high level coaching students, Kathryn Schimmel about how building her real estate investing business is going. Kathryn was previously a university theater professor decided to change professions and become a realtor in 2008, right around the big market crash. She then started investing in rentals […]

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4 Simple Ways to Automate Your Profit System

  Recently, I took a survey from some of our students to see what their top challenges are when it comes to real estate investing. For the beginners, we found out that finding great deals is their number one challenge, closely followed by getting the funding. For the more intermediate to advanced students we surveyed, […]

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Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio: 155 Ways to Meet Private Investors

In this episode of Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio, Josh Cantwell discusses 155 different people, places and referral sources to raise private money from. It starts from knowing who is in your sphere and where you can start to get referrals from. You can approach these people to have them buy a house from you, […]

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Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio: Q & A with Kyle - Funding, Commissions & Branding

Today, SREC's Head Coach, Kyle Garifo, answers some of the questions we have received through our social media and from our customer service team. He answers questions about earnest money, if we will invest in students who are buying apartment complexes and multifamily homes, wholesale deal commissions and creating a brand for your business. Tune […]

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[8 Steps] How to Become a Successful and Confident Self-Directed Private Investor

Lately I’ve been noticing a trending question among my students – they have been telling me they have some extra cash on hand or in their self-directed IRA accounts and need some advice on what to do with it. This question really got the wheels turning in my brain and I decided to create a […]

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The Only Real Estate Strategy You’ll Ever Need

After weekends like Labor Day, doesn’t it make you wish you were able to have the flexible schedule and lifestyle like a long, holiday weekend all the time? Big Brother Breaks Free As a professional real estate investor who left a full-time job as a financial planner, a question I get asked frequently is “how […]

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The #1 Real Estate Investing Myth Debunked

Another Flip & Fund Summit Success! Our Flip & Fund Summit in beautiful Dallas, Texas is officially OVER and let me tell you, it’s one for the record books! We had about 80 like-minded, serious real estate investors all gathered in one room for three days with myself and my faculty and it was INCREDIBLE. […]

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Never Have to Ask “How Do I Find Good Deals?” Again

The Direct Deal Formula This week I had the privilege of sitting down Jason Lucchesi, a former student of mine and founder of a real estate investing training and coaching company called Global Fortune Solutions that he’s been running since 2008. Jason has since flipped hundreds of properties using what he calls his “Direct Deal […]

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