IMPORTANT: Greg Clement is doing an internet marketing training call & opening SIMS 2.1 tonight

Jump on that call here.

AND……. I'm going to GIVE you NEVER BEFORE released access to my UNDERGROUND GENIUS NETWORK as an incredible “Internet Marketing Domination” bonus... just for buying SIMS 2.1 thru SREC.

This way you don’t have to choose between Greg/SIMS 2.1 or the Genius Network.

Let me explain……..

Tuesday is going to be a HUGE day for your business. You've already gotten Hammerpoint, RPM and realized how powerful it will be in streamlining your business.

Last night I interviewed 5 Genius Underground Internet Marketers that showed you how powerful SIMS 2.1 is for generating sellers, buyers, and money partners for real estate AND clients and customers for other ONLINE businesses.

Ryan, Brian, Francis, Bernard, Mike and I showed you how we’ve combined to use internet marketing principles like SIMS 2.1 to generate tens of millions of dollars for ourselves and our clients online.

Watch the replay of last night’s training above.

Now it's time to put the final piece of the puzzle in place... with SIMS 2.1.

SIMS 2.1 is an online marketing and lead generating system created by my long time buddy GREG CLEMENT that will help you grow and scale your real estate business by putting more deals in your pipeline. With SIMS 2.1 you'll be a LEAD GENERATION MACHINE.


SIMS 2.1 is the…….

World's Most Aggressive Real Estate Lead Generation System Ever Developed


I know... I've seen it work for myself and my students.

Greg is going to be going through the details of SIMS 2.1 in an informational Webinar Tonight Monday at 9pm EST - be sure to register for it here.

After you register for the Webinar you'll also get to see his “Digital Marketing Plan”  - a super cool training that shows you one of the most effective ways to acquire seller and buyer leads online. Just wait 10 seconds after you register to get the “DMP” training!

But here's the wrinkle... what do you do with the leads after you get them?

I've created TWO special bonus packages to help you use SIMS 2.1 to its fullest potential and make you more money, give you more freedom and let you enjoy life more than ever!

Check it out:

When you invest in SIMS 2.1, you'll AUTOMATICALLY receive, from me, over $17,479 in  bonuses at NO ADDITIONAL COST...that are JUST AS VALUABLE AS SIMS 2.1……


only if you call my office at 1-888-221-4344 or sign up using this special link on Tuesday at noon EST.

Here’s my POWERFUL bonuses:

  1. The Genius Underground Marketing Machine – ($2997)
    • This compliments SIMS 2.1 perfectly and will show you how my Genius Underground team generates tens of thousands of leads online and millions of dollars online every year for themselves, their businesses and their clients including Microsoft and Ford Motor Co.
    • This 8 Module BONUS training will give you UNDERGROUND internet marketing techniques from my GENUIS UNDERGROUND NETWORK.
    • You’ll discover:
      1. How to Dominate Your Marketplace with “set it and forget it” marketing strategies
      2. Paid Traffic: Geo Targeted ultra cheap, Pay Per Click Traffic to Build your sellers and buyers lists.
      3. “BUM Marketing” = Free Traffic
      4. Copywriting & Conversion secrets that stop people dead in their tracks
      5. Video Marketing
      6. Social Media tactics that I used to turn twitter into my 3rd largest traffic generation source.
      7. How to outsource “grunt work” to Virtual Assistants for less than $5 an hour
      8. How to Start, Build, Buy and Sell a Business from scratch.  
  1. The Genius Underground Marketing Mastermind in Jacksonville Fla. ($10,000)
    • Gain in-depth training from the UNDERGROUND GENIUS NETWORK on the strategies and techniques that will take your Internet marketing to new levels.
    • Share ideas and ask questions in this exclusive mastermind setting.
    • This is direct, face to face, one on one, access to Brian, Ryan, Francis, Bernard, Mike and Myself for 2 entire days free.
  1. The SREC Automater ($997 value) - Have an army of highly trained short sale ninjas working on getting you more deals and making you more money, while you have more freedom. How? Through a series of over 200 videos that effortlessly automate and outsource up to 95% of the daily tasks in your real estate business.
  2. Automater Implementation Call ($197 value) - Your quickstart to the SREC Automater, from the creator of the system himself!
  3. Instant Deal Generation with Mega Media Marketing ($497 value) - One of my newest products to hit the market - you'll gain franchise-like exposure, build your brand and CRUSH your competition, all the while becoming a mini-celebrity in your area.
  4. 2 Tickets to my Millionaire Academy ($1994 value) - Learn to implement and close more deals, get the latest tools of the trade, network with other investors, stay current on the latest laws, and meet me and my team of top notch investing partners.
  5. Get Up and Go ($797 value) - With this amazing program, you'll discover your unique ability and what really DRIVES you... find your passion and love the work you do, every day! Learn about the 23 self-development concepts to help you focus on the highest, best use of your time.
  6. 30-Minute Strategy Session with a SREC Business Coach - $497 value - Work with one of my expert Business Coaches to define your path to success.

All together, these add up to a $17,479 value... which is INCREDIBLE!

But if you really want to get the most comprehensive package available...

Here's another option... when you choose to invest in the SIMS 2.1 “Market Domination Package” – which Greg will explain tonight - the pot gets even sweeter.

You'll automatically get everything I listed above, PLUS the following:

  1. 1 Ticket to the SREC Protégé Acceleration System “On The Ground” Live Event ($1295 value) - My flagship “on the ground” training takes you inside my hometown and my business to evaluate my deals including REO’s, rehabs, short sales, rentals and commercial deals I’m doing right now. See my million dollar operation in full force.
  2. 1 Hour One-on-One Internet Marketing Strategy Session with Mike Gleba ($495 value) – learn how Mike single handedly increased SREC’s social media presence by over 80,000 friends and followers in less than 6 months and turned those followers into leads and deals.
  3. 1 Hour One-on-One Strategy Session with ME ($1,000 value) - Your chance to talk about whatever you need to take your business to the next level and beyond. Ask me your most pressing questions and gain specific advice to implement in your business.

I'm giving you everything in my cupboards! All this together is a $20,269 value, and you get it without paying anything extra!

Pairing my bonus packages with SIMS 2.1 will make you truly UNSTOPPABLE.

But remember, to get MY bonuses, you have to wait until TUESDAY at NOON EDT to make your SIMS investment using this special link:


you have to call my office at 1-888-221-4344 to reserve your spot.

That's Tuesday May 10th at noon EDT. Not a minute sooner.

To your success,


PS - Don't forget to register for Greg's Monday night Webinar here and watch the Digital Marketing Plan video right now!

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