Students Demand an Encore! (Last Chance)


We are doing an ENCORE webinar on how to profit offering Mobile Apps :

Register for Friday 12/2 @ 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST :

Register for Sunday 12/4 @ 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST :

Everyone absolutely LOVED this webinar. We've received a ton of feedback on this.

So you're getting one last chance to catch this Awesome webinar..

And you will have ALL of you questions answered during the webinar in the chat room!!

If you catch this you will learn:

-- Many ways to profit with mobile marketing

and mobile apps.

-- What the apps do and why business owners

gladly fork over $1,500 for them.

-- How to get clients - including his favorite "secret"

lead source in your town already primed to buy.

-- How he uses an "app builder" that, if you can

type a Word Doc, you can build a mobile app in

under an hour.

-- Plus client case studies from his own business.

Over 20 TESTIMONIALS on this phenomenal webinar:

- The content offered in the webinar is simply gold!

- This is a comprehensive overview of what is happening in marketing right now!

- The Mobile Marketing/Mobile opportunity is right NOW.  More than ever, every business needs to have an immediate and quantifiable return for their advertising dollar.  This is a win-win for the customer and me.

- The value of what you are getting to start a legitimate business makes this the ultimate opportunity with "real" multiple streams of income limited only by how hungry you are.

- Unlike other marketing programs;  I know before I even sell app number one that this has the support and tools to help make anyone successful.

- This program is all about your desire to better your life,  increase your income and show businesses how to wisely invest in their visibility!

- Very well timed. This looks like the next big wave in the evolution of marketing media. Thanks!!!

- From what I was able to see, this blows my mind off.

- I've been trying to set up a system to integrate mobile marketing, apps and mobile payments for several months and now that I've seen this system, it's a no brainer!  I'm ready to roll this out today!

- You are on the leading edge again. You picked a great presenter who was professional and passionate.

- Wow!  What a great eye opener to the potential market. Your program makes me think even I can flip app programs!

- You knocked this one out of the park. Amazing Value!!

- Awesome product, perfect timing in this market. Great opportunity to generate lots of cash with this easy to use plug and play software.

- This was a terrific webinar, very informative and very inspiring, a real dream-maker!

- The webinar was incredible. This is one of the first webinars that I was ready to buy before the end of it, before I even knew the price. The value that this service can provide to my clients is amazing and the potential for income is even more incredible. I can already think of 2 ways to expand this type of revenue stream for my business and I haven't even started yet! Outstanding job!

- After being in the IM world since the 1995 I've seen lots of least Mr. Foster is offering a solid solution to help meet the demand of a large growing marketplace. Keep up the good work!

- This sounds almost too good to be true!

- This is such a game changer for me personally.  It has now empowered me to take my business and life to the next level by offering something that will be needed for years to come.

- You put on an excellent webinar. I got very excited about adding Mobile Apps to my business. Thanks for the excellent presentation and the great opportunity..

- This webinar was very interesting and extremely well presented. I'm integrating flipping mobile apps into my local business product offerings.

- Great information! This is an amazing opportunity to cash in on the next big thing!

- Awesome ways to diversify your income with an easy step by step system.

That should be enough to convince you spend your Friday afternoon or Sunday evening with us.

Register for Friday 12/2 @ 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST :

Register for Sunday 12/4 @ 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST :

Don't miss your final chance to catch this.

See you soon,


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