4 Profit Centers of Real Estate

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4 Profit Centers of Real Estate

Step back and took a look at your life and observe where you are currently at. Are you currently happy with where you are and what you see? Are you living the lifestyle you have always wanted? Are you stable and where you want to be financially? If not, it may be time to invest […]

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Do Real Estate Webinars or Live Workshops Achieve Faster Results

  What's the difference between webinars versus live events? Does live events or webinar get better results? Do webinars or live workshops achieve faster implementation, action and execution? My Live Event Experience Back in 2003 when I started in my real estate investing career, webinars were not the primary method of consuming new real estate […]

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Secret Weapons in Real Estate Investing

The Automated Offer Formula When you find a property that you are considering purchasing as an investment property, are you often stuck on what number you should offer the seller? Are you interested in learning a foolproof formula that works EVERY time to give you the price you should offer on a potential property? I […]

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Real Estate Coaching on Government Foreclosures & HUD Homes

Have you ever flipped a government foreclosure? Do you know what a HUD home is?  Do you need Real Estate Coaching? Well in this training video I explain EXACTLY what a HUD home is, how the government forecloses on homeowners, how these properties go to auction, how to buy them once they are HUD homes […]

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Real Estate Coaching on HUD Homes

Have you ever flipped a government foreclosure? Do you know what a HUD home is? Well in this training video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRtJiT0USM0 I explain EXACTLY what I HUD home is, how the government forecloses on homeowners, how these properties go to auction, how to buy them once they are HUD homes and WHY THEY ARE SO […]

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Wall Street Journal says we are dead???

“The era of mom-and-pop real estate investors is quickly coming to an end.” – The Wall Street Journal Is This The End of ‘Mom & Pop’ Real Estate Investing? Come on…..That can’t be true….right?? There are 3 Cataclysmic Shifts That Will Make 97% Of Real Estate Investors IMPOTENT In The Next 12 Months … And What To […]

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Buyers on Fire, 5 figures a month, done for you ads, software does the rest!

This Wednesday, March 28th at 2pm and 9pm Eastern: Part 2: Accelerated Investor Interview Series: "Buyers on Fire" with Josh Cantwell and John Cochran This week I'm going to be finishing up the "Buyers On Fire" training with John Cochran. Last week's webinars were in very high demand and received incredible reviews. Register Now for […]

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Your #1 Concern From Last Week's Survey

Thanks a bunch for filling out the survey I sent out last week. It helps us plan out our trainings, webinars and events for 2012. The top 2 investing niche's that you were most interested in were...... 61.5% of investors who responded say wholesaling is their favorite niche 37.0% say lease options were their favorite […]

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You And I : Strategy Session This Thursday

Hey, I'm starting up my day and I have a lot to get done so I'll keep this pretty short. I'm doing a Live Strategy Session webinar this Thursday at 2pm and again at 9pm. Register Here Thursday February 2nd 2PM EST : https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/981473490 Thursday February 2nd 9PM EST : https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/484867226 Over the past few […]

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Students Demand an Encore! (Last Chance)

GOOD NEWS... We are doing an ENCORE webinar on how to profit offering Mobile Apps : Register for Friday 12/2 @ 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST : https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/907942682 Register for Sunday 12/4 @ 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST : https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/963257946 Everyone absolutely LOVED this webinar. We've received a ton of feedback […]

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