Two Free Gifts From Josh

I'll explain those in a second so sit tight.....

I'm training with my inside and outside sales reps today so I just stepped out to send you this important email. My reps are banging the phones in the other offices next to mine setting appointments to meet with sellers and buyers. MUSIC TO MY EARS!

I keep hearing ChaChing, ChaChing, ChaChing every time they set another appointment.

I need to get back to training them to show them how to increase their conversions.

On yesterday's webinar I gave away 2 extremely valuable gifts that you need to have so you can grow your business.

#1 You will receive a set of powerful Standard Operating Procedures that will run your real estate business.

#2 You will also receive a One On One Strategy Session with me and my team. We about to launch a new training platform called "A.I." so I want your feedback on it before its released in order to polish it up. I give the details on the call. The one on one is no cost or obligation. This one on one strategy session will chart a course for what you need to do to go from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible.


You will only receive those 2 gifts if you register and attend the "Business Systems" encore webinar this weekend so I can explain in detail what we are up to and how it benefits you.

It's Saturday. Register Here.

12pm Eastern

11am Central

10am Mountain

9 am Pacific

This is definitely one that you can't miss. I reveal the exact direction I'm taking my business, where you should be investing and the systems that run it day to day.




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