Real Estate Trainers – the Good, the Bad, and the Totally Awful – Strategic Real Estate Coach

Are there really any good real estate trainers out there? The answer might surprise you.




Anyone interested in finding good real estate trainers has undoubtedly searched the Internet for their knight-on-a-white-horse. If you’re one of those searchers, you may have discovered that the truly good ones are very hard to find, if not impossible. And when you do find what appears to be a good real estate trainer, the real work has just begun. Real estate trainers – how to separate the wheat from the chaff: Once you’ve found what seems at first glance to be the answer to your prayers, you must then put your due diligence hat on. You know, the one at the bottom of the hall closet, under your beanie. You’ve got to check him out to make sure he’s the real deal and not just some clown with a Go Daddy website and PayPal account.  Here are a few things to remember as you check out real estate trainers:

  1. Is he teaching a repeatable process that’s been proven to make money?
  2. Is he currently making serious money in real estate? If yes, about how much?
  3. Is he teaching a process that doesn’t require a lot of your own money?
  4. Does he have a consistent, proven track record or is it clouded with bad deals?

Flipping Properties Is a Winning Process Flipping properties meets the criteria of a winning, repeatable process. If your real estate trainer is teaching a process that involves flipping, you’re probably on the right track. Remember, anyone can succeed with one or two deals. Make sure you find someone who is successful deal after deal, year in and year out. Getting access to real estate trainers who know their stuff isn’t as hard as you might think. We’re not talking about the kind who blow smoke and keep their secrets to themselves. What good is that, anyway? If you want trainers who are in the trenches with you, doing real-time flips right there where you can see, check out the 40K Flips course.

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