Ask the Real Estate Trainers: Aren’t Short Sales a Paperwork Nightmare? – Strategic Real Estate Coach

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Ask the Real Estate Trainers: Aren’t Short Sales a Paperwork Nightmare? – Strategic Real Estate Coach

Real estate trainers at SREC share the secret for escaping a prison of paperwork, freeing you for wild success in short sales. By now, you’ve gathered that some of the most valuable information you’ll get from the real estate trainers at Strategic Real Estate Coach is about who you need to get on your team. […]

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Ask the Real Estate Trainers: Does My Company Need an Acquisitions Manager?

Wondering whether you really need an Acquisitions Manager on your team? Here’s what the real estate trainers at SREC say… The real estate trainers at SREC won’t hesitate a moment to answer this excellent question. The answer is YES! Wondering why an Acquisitions Manager is such an important member of your team? Two words: paperwork […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: Make The "Money Phone" Ring

Leads are the lifeblood of any successful real estate operation. If you want to "make it," then you need to consistently get the money phone to ring... With sizzling hot leads on the other line! I'm talking sellers motivated to give you their properties at a deep discount... Buyers ready and willing to snatch properties […]

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How Many Real Estate Trainers Does One Student Need? – Strategic Real Estate Coach

You might find real estate trainers where you never thought to look for them. One real estate trainer may be all a student truly needs. But be open to trainers who may enter your life along the way, because sometimes there are hidden gems out there just waiting to surprise you. There are so many […]

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Real Estate Trainers – the Good, the Bad, and the Totally Awful – Strategic Real Estate Coach

Are there really any good real estate trainers out there? The answer might surprise you.       Anyone interested in finding good real estate trainers has undoubtedly searched the Internet for their knight-on-a-white-horse. If you’re one of those searchers, you may have discovered that the truly good ones are very hard to find, if […]

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Real Estate Investor Training-WHAT SELLS HOUSES?

Real estate investing can be a wonderful opportunity for anyone to be involved with. This can be an exciting time to become a real estate investor. You are probably wondering what it takes to sell a house? The four main concepts in selling a property successfully is what will be discussed here. Before getting into […]

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Real Estate Trainers: Train your Body, Mind and your Real Estate Business

It’s no secret that training is important. When you want to be successful at anything, you have to practice and train accordingly as those who want to win, will train for their goal. Nothing happens if you just sit around and wait to achieve success, it takes work. Never is that more than in the […]

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The Unadultered Truth

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of what’s happening in the real estate investing training industry. Now there’s a lot of guys I like, respect, and call friends. Some have even been past students and current mastermind partners. But for every one of the “good” guys, there are 3 or 4 […]

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TAMPA, CLEVELAND, 125 Guru’s, 70 coaching students and 25 roller coasters

By: Josh Cantwell  Yep you read that right, and my back is killing me!  You see, I have been on my feet for the past week and a half straight and my dogs (feet) are barking (hurting bad) plus I just dropped 4 Advils to cure my ailing lower back.  It’s bad.  Seriously bad.  Oh well.  Small price […]

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