Think You Can Amass a Fortune by Saving Your Money? One More Reason to Take a Closer Look at Real Estate Investments

Learn how real estate investments, including alternate selling strategies, will generate rapid wealth now.

Why should you take a close look at making real estate investments now? Because very few fortunes have been made by adding up paychecks and overtime. Nor are they made through a huge one-time killing in the stock market. Unfortunately, this is the path many investors try to follow in achieving financial security.

While a high annual income is certainly helpful in achieving great wealth, it is not the primary determinate. And a major move in the stock market can certainly have an impact, if that’s where you’ve invested your money. However, any one single move isn’t really an important determinate in amassing a sizable fortune. That’s like thinking you can make your fortune by going to Vegas and betting on red.

A lot of people think, “I’m going to save money.” That’s one path, although a very long, slow path that ultimately may not give you the fortune you’re looking for. Why? As it turns out, saving alone without properly investing your savings, won’t get you very far in your quest for amassed wealth. A better path is to have a large portion of your savings allocated to the highest possible return on investment. What might that be, you ask?

According to studies there are 2 factors that are most important in achieving wealth:

  1. The number of years an individual has consistently been saving and investing.
  2. The proportion of their funds, on average, allocated to higher return investments, like real estate investments.

Turbo-Boost Your Real Estate Investments

It turns out that one of the easiest and most reliable investments you can make is in real estate. Buying and selling investment properties will generate a rapid escalation in your net worth. But having said that, the best way to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) is by selling your investment properties using alternative strategies. Alternative exit strategies will turbo-boost your ROI – and net worth – into the stratosphere!

Alternative Exit Strategies

One of the best alternative exit strategies is leasing with an option to buy. In this scenario, you lease the property to a potential buyer. He gives you an up-front deposit, pays monthly rent, and agrees to buy the property for your asking price at some point in the future, usually 12 to 24 months, and care for the property in the meantime.

All things considered, the fast track to wealth is real estate investing. From there just use alternative exit strategies to maximize your ROI.

Did you catch Josh’s recent podcast on alternative exit strategies, including lease options? If you’ve got even a glimmer of interest in adding real estate investments to your wealth-building plan, you should check it out now.

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