The Answer to All Your Real Estate Investing Questions

Ready to Go From Rookie to Rockstar?

This is it. Your golden opportunity. Your big break.

I want to show you how to set up your own $40,000.00 per month property flipping machine.

I want to give you all the strategies and techniques you'll use to run this system effortlessly.

Without needing years of experience... and without ever risking any of your own cash or credit! Better yet... I want to literally fund these 40K Flips deals... FOR YOU! So you can go from rookie to rock star... and start bringing home the big bucks in the quickest amount of time possible.

Through this 40K Flips master training class, I will reveal:

  • 5 methods for generating as many deals as you can handle... without ever spending a single dime on marketing expenses (all the hard work is done FOR YOU!)
  • How to pocket $3,000-7,000 every time you "BUY" a property... without using ANY of your own money
  • The Automated Offer Formula you’ll use to bid on every home without ever seeing them
  • My proprietary "Property Launch Formula" that sells houses in as little as 90 minutes (Simply hand this checklist over to your realtor and cash out fast.)
  • Things to watch out for in the market right now
  • Why this is the ONLY real estate strategy you'll ever need to know... and why it's guaranteed to work well into the future, no matter what happens to the market... the economy... or whatever new regulations the government passes (A true, bulletproof investing business!)... You'll see REAL PROOF of REAL DEALS my students and I have closed (Sometimes up to SIX FIGURES on a single deal!)

PLUS, I'll show you how I’ll literally fund your deals. FOR YOU.

Then you can quickly cash $40,000 checks of your own... without ever having to beg the bank – or anyone else – for a loan!

The secrets we will share with you through this program EASILY put six-figures of profit into your bank account.

This real estate investing system is NOT a fad and won’t fluctuate over the years. This training will be evergreen and always keep you on top of your market and miles ahead of your competition.

FREE Master Training Class

This class was in such high demand, we added a few more times just for those who missed out.

This Sunday evening, put some time aside for yourself and for your future. You can register for either 8pm EST or 11pm EST, but hurry, the spots are limited and filling QUICKLY.

Tuck the kids into bed and fire up your laptop – this class won’t interfere with your work day and what better way to start a new week with some fresh knowledge?

Register for Sunday, September 13 at 8:00pm EST

Register for Sunday, September 13 at 11:00pm EST 

Be Daring,


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CEO Yellow Jacket Properties

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