Private Money: Terms You Should Know

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Private Money: Terms You Should Know

Private money is key to successful real estate investing. And I’m not just talking about borrowing some dough from Uncle Bob for that rehab project and then returning it to him when the project is done. That’s fine, but if you’re serious about the REI business, you need to be a bit more savvy about […]

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5 Ways to Fund Real Estate Investments

Understanding how to fund a deal is as crucial as finding it in the first place, and funding real estate investments continues to be a major challenge. It may be simply because investors are not aware of the numerous financing avenues that exist. There is a big misconception that you need a lot of money to […]

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Tax Free Wealth Building & Self-Directed IRA's

My First Private Lender Once upon a time, I was an inexperienced real estate investor. The first private lender I ever got was my brother's mother-in-law. I had no job, $15k in credit card debt and ZERO EXPERIENCE. The first note (non-IRA) I ever did was in Spring of 2004. It was a 5 year […]

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Simple 7 Step Plan for Success with Private Investors

Many of my students use my lending company, Freeland Lending, to fund their deals, but I really encourage them after they get a few successful flips under their belt to eliminate the middle man (ME) and save themselves some cash. There are several important little pieces to the real estate investing puzzle that you need […]

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7 Truths About Asset Based Lending

  The #1 challenge for real estate investor and entrepreneurs is FUNDING. How to get all the funding you need to acquire, re-position, stabilize, flip and/or rent distressed and discounted real estate properties. Truth is, there's more funding and financing options in our real estate world today than at any other time in U.S. history. […]

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How to Start Your Week with a Plan for Success

About ten years ago, I was just a guy with a vision for a fixer-upper I wanted to buy and flip. I hated my job. I worked a lot of nights and weekends as a financial planner. I had a six figure income, but I was basically broke living commission check to commission check. So […]

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Case Studies I'm Flipping Right NOW

8 Profit Packed Case Studies This summer has been crazy busy for my personal real estate investing business. Since we had such a tough winter, some properties had to get put on hold and took longer than expected. Some had unforeseen costs and issues. And sometimes you just hire a bad contractor who isn’t doing […]

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What do Josh & Cleveland Whiskey Have in Common? [Private Equity Case Study]

506(c) SEC General Solicitation For those of you that are local Clevelanders like myself, maybe you caught the article in the Plain Dealer this weekend regarding Cleveland Whiskey launching a new website as a portal for accredited investors. More and more companies are doing this. It is EXACTLY how I’ve been raising money for the […]

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Ways To Further Your Real Estate Investing Education

All Your Funding Issues Solved Everyone knows that a real estate investor’s number one issue is almost always investing. You know it, I know it and everyone who’s ever been in real estate knows it. The market has changed so much over the years since the financial crisis and it seems like options are VERY […]

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Taking a Leap of Faith

How to Fund Your Deals By now you know that my business is 100% automated - and I have no problem teaching my students the EXACT blueprint I use to be successful. Let's walk through the process of how to get your deals funded by raising private money through our Freedom Funding program. Notes - This is […]

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