How to Start Your Week with a Plan for Success

About ten years ago, I was just a guy with a vision for a fixer-upper I wanted to buy and flip.

I hated my job. I worked a lot of nights and weekends as a financial planner. I had a six figure income, but I was basically broke living commission check to commission check. So I scraped together enough money for a down payment, got a bank loan and jumped feet first into my first real estate rehab. Luckily the property qualified for bank financing.

Today, it would never pass inspection and no lender would give me the money because the property needed a lot of updates. I fixed the property up, put it on the market and… it sat there.

Four months later, I rented it out and have had the same tenants in the property for over 10 years. I did make money on it, but it didn’t quite work out as I had planned. The house rented, I refinanced it…again using my own credit, I pulled out $25,000 in equity through the refinance – I made money, the bank made money. Even though I screwed the deal up big time and bought in the wrong neighborhood, it still seemed so easy back then because bank funding was available and easy to get.

Now, fast forward to 2008 – real estate train wreck and banking crisis.

Here we are with bank foreclosure, distressed properties, short sales, REO’s, HUD homes, off-market properties, etc.

The real estate market has ROARED back but banks have tightened the screws on investors. They won’t lend to anyone unless the property is in perfect condition and your personal financial position is also perfect. Investors need a 680 credit score, 20-30% down plus all your own rehab funds to qualify for traditional bank financing.

The banks won’t lend to real estate investors like us to fix the problems that they have caused. Regardless of your credit score, banks will not lend on buy, fix and sell real estate. They will always say “no” when they find out it will be vacant and under renovation.

Truthfully, they won’t even lend if there’s peeling paint on the property, let alone all of the other work your investment home might need like new windows, new flooring or a new roof.

They are offering solutions only for owner-occupied properties.

So where does that leave you???

If you are a real estate investor looking for a way to fund your next flip, let’s talk about asset based lending.

This means a lender would loan money to you for your real estate investment based on the asset itself (the property) and NOT your personal financial situation.

What If This Existed?

What if I told you that I had a solution for all of this – funding for your investments from an asset based lender who cares mostly about the potential investment and less about your financial background?

What if I was able to give you the EXACT blueprint of how to receive this funding and get the training you need to become a real estate investing machine?

I want to help you find the best deals in your area, I want to evaluate those deals to make sure it will be profitable for you AND I want to make sure you have no questions along the way.

Now, if you are a real estate investor who is already closing 2-5 deals a month and doesn’t need the assistance, this training probably isn’t for you.

This IS for those who have been waiting for the right opportunity to jumpstart their real estate investing career. It’s for those who want to be walked through the step by step process it takes to get the profit checks coming in.

There is no guess work involved here, if you are a serious investor who is ready to get their career started, then this is for you.

Watch my free master class to learn more.

REAL Student Case Studies

Just in case you weren’t already convinced that you wanted to see what my program is all about – here are some real student case studies that we have funded this year:

  • 127 Stephens St., Belleville, NJ
    • Purchase Price: $95,000
    • Repairs, Insurance & Marketing: $65,000
    • Freeland Lending Loan: $173,000
    • After Repair Value: $268,000
    • Estimated Profit: $70,000+
  • 483 E. Crystal Lake, Chicago, IL
    • Purchase Price: $88,079
    • Repairs, Insurance & Marketing: $96,950
    • Freeland Lending Loan: $181,250
    • After Repair Value: $315,000
    • Estimated Profit: $100,000+
  • 20 E. Sycamore St., Central Slip, NY
    • Purchase Price: $120,000
    • Repairs, Insurance & Marketing: $50,000
    • Freeland Lending Loan: $184,500
    • After Repair Value: $260,000
    • Estimated Profit: $60,000+

Wouldn’t it be nice to start off your Monday knowing you have the exact game plan that you need to start changing your life and bringing in the profits like my students above are?

Be Daring,


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