5-Week Direct Mail Marketing Plan

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5-Week Direct Mail Marketing Plan

Whoever said “print is dead” has obviously never met a real estate investor. When it comes to building a successful real estate investing business, direct mail marketing is a key component. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details here, but there are countless studies that prove that consumers spend more time looking at direct mail […]

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7 Traits of the Perfect Private Lender Pitch

[php snippet=1] A regular recurring mistake that I see from my real estate investing clients and students is that they figure they'll go to the bank, apply for a loan, then rehab and sell a house for a nice profit. When I meet new investors, they focus their attention on buying and selling, because they […]

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5 Strategies to Crush Your Competition in Competitive Markets

For SREC coach and real estate investor Christopher Seder, the MLS in his market really started to dry up around 2011-2012. He quickly realized he needed to get creative if he wanted to stay in the real estate investing game. Where you are at in your market, it's probably the same situation. Not as many […]

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Direct Mail for Inherited and Probates Lists

The real estate market is so hot right now, and properties are selling quicker and more competitively across many different markets and cities. This is one of the best times for individuals who are new or experienced in real estate investing to scoop up properties at a discounted cost and to make a significant return […]

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How to [Accurately] Project Property Repairs

[php snippet=1] One of the most frequent questions that we get here from our students and borrowers at Strategic Real Estate Coach is “How can I accurately budget repairs?” This is a BIG deal because comping the property correctly and making sure we know and understand the After-Repair Value (ARV) of the home is very […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Investment Properties

[php snippet=1] You've been working on your real estate investment property for months, so what do you do to get as many buyer in to your house as possible all at once so that you can sell to the one buyer that matters?  How do you get someone chomping at the bit to buy your […]

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How to Secure Private Money for your Real Estate Investments

There's a way to present a private investor with an irresistible offer that they will be begging to fund. I've been doing it for years. It's all about giving them the best option for their money. In this video we are going to talk about private money for your investment properties and what you need […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Quality Contractors for Your Real Estate Investments

Good quality contractors can make or break your investment property. That's why finding the best possible contractor is crucial to making huge profits when flipping a house or securing equity in a rental property. We get asked repeatedly about how we find contractors and what the best strategies are for finding reliable contractors, so to […]

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How to Maximize Your Time and Energy

Real estate investing takes work, but it doesn't have to be an 80 hour a week job, (or even a 20 hour a week job). If you don't have any kind of system that you use to optimize your time, your going to get bogged down with too many hours of work. And the whole […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination

Having trouble getting started in your real estate investing business? Or even having trouble starting your day? Some times it's tough to take that first leap.  Hell, some times it's hard to just get off the couch. That's why we set out to create the Ultimate Guide to help you overcome any obstacles that you […]

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