Finding Hyperbuyers

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Finding Hyperbuyers

If you only know one thing about real estate investing, it’s that it’s a relationship-based business. Without fellow investors, buyers, real estate agents, lenders, etc. to support your endeavors, you’ll never achieve your long-term goals. Yet, so many investors focus solely on finding deals—without spending the time needed to build strong relationships with trustworthy buyers […]

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6 Effective Ways to Build Your Buyers List

So you found a steal of a deal property and got it under contract, so now what? If this isn't your first real estate rodeo, then you probably have a solid buyer's list put together, but what if you don't? It's time to put in a little extra work and get one together so you […]

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How to Create Multiple (8) Streams of Real Estate Income

Over the past 10 years I’ve personally closed over 665 real estate deals and made nearly $7 Million dollars for myself and my business partners. On this week’s webinar I will show you the Exact Blueprint I’ve used to create multiple streams of real estate income and how you can do it too. Register for […]

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John Cochran Newest Coach at Strategic Real Estate Coach

Twenty-nine year old Cochran lives in Dayton, Ohio. He is a Real Estate Investor who has flipped over 150 real estate deals in his 11-year career. He started his career doing a lot of rehabbing, and then he bought a HUD house for $18.47 and got hooked on wholesaling homes for big profits. Once he […]

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Buyers on Fire Shut Down, 8 Hr Warning

Buyers on Fire closes down in 8 hrs or less. Since you haven't enrolled yet I wanted to warn you that your software license to Byers On Fire EXPIRES in 8 hours. Go to the page now before we put up the "CLOSED" Page. TICK...... TICK....... TICK...........time is running out........ Here's the link. OR.....if […]

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{RESULTS} That is all you should care about!

Later today at 2pm eastern and again at 9pm eastern I'll be interviewing my mentor student, friend and "The King of Systems", John Cochran about his Buyers On Fire Software. On the call we will show you IN REAL TIME how I've built a list of 593 buyers in less than a week and how […]

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Best Buyer List Building Software on the Planet! Bar None!

Good Monday Morning! Hope you and your family had a fantastic weekend. My wife Lisa Marie and I were jamming all weekend. Saturday we took our kids to "AMAZONE" which is an indoor playground and arcade with my mom and dad and my niece, Emily. Saturday night we had two of my best friends over […]

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2497 New How Buyers in 30 days = 18 checks {Checks & Screen Shots Inside}

This Wednesday, March 28th at 2pm and 9pm Eastern: Part 2: Accelerated Investor Interview Series: "Buyers on Fire" with Josh Cantwell and John Cochran Click here to register for the 1st call on March 28th at 2pm Eastern / 1pm Central / Noon Mountain / 11am Pacific. ~OR~ Click here to register for the 2nd […]

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Buyers on Fire, 5 figures a month, done for you ads, software does the rest!

This Wednesday, March 28th at 2pm and 9pm Eastern: Part 2: Accelerated Investor Interview Series: "Buyers on Fire" with Josh Cantwell and John Cochran This week I'm going to be finishing up the "Buyers On Fire" training with John Cochran. Last week's webinars were in very high demand and received incredible reviews. Register Now for […]

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How to Build a "Buyers List" in Lightning Speed (brand new media)

Have you ever heard this before, "The investors who control the buyers control the money"? In today's market, it's 12x more important to have BUYERS than properties for sale. So, how do you quickly gather qualified and interested buyers, before your competition, in this over crowded market? The answer is very simple... Jump ahead of […]

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