How to Create Multiple (8) Streams of Real Estate Income

Over the past 10 years I’ve personally closed over 665 real estate deals and made nearly $7 Million dollars for myself and my business partners.

On this week’s webinar I will show you the Exact Blueprint I’ve used to create multiple streams of real estate income and how you can do it too.

Register for the Wednesday 2pm est 11am pacific webinar

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Imagine the confidence and security you’ll feel by having multiple streams of income instead of just 1 or 2 from a JOB. .

On this week’s “Multiple Streams of Income” webinar you will learn:

-    Exactly how I am able to consistently make $200,000 or more every month working from home with just 5 employees so that you can get a piece of that for yourself.
-    See how I’ve grown my real estate business over the past 9 years and what it actually looks like to make a couple million dollars a year in Real Estate.
-    How to structure your real estate business so that it serves you and your family instead of you slaving inside of it.
-    How a million dollar real estate office should run and the business systems that make it work seamlessly.
-    The 5 key positions to hire in a million dollar real estate business and what each position is responsible for.
-    How to have at least 5 streams of income or more to create consistency and security.
-    How to get paid to generate leads and build your buyers list.
-    Simple business “operating procedures” that make 10x difference.
-    You’ll see exactly how I’ve set up my real estate enterprise so that it’s completely leveraged and scalable.

I am willing to bet you that you have never been on a training class where someone with a 7 figure real estate business went thru this much detail and pulled back the curtain to exactly how it’s done.

Register for the Wednesday 2pm est 11am pacific webinar

Register for the Wednesday 9pm est 6pm pacific webinar


P.S. In the past six years, SREC has created countless success stories.

The time has come for us to take on a new group of students who have *not yet* been successful in real estate, and turning them into our best success stories yet.

Why work with people one-on-one to turn them into huge successes? Simple: because our success stories become our biggest fans, our featured case studies, and often real estate teachers themselves.

This is NOT the first time that we've done this - we have coached many people, several of them now millionaires - to get started in real estate. In fact, many of the "gurus" that you see on TV and speaking from stage actually got started by reading a page somewhat like this one.

If you're lucky enough to be chosen, then you will join the ranks of some of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs on the planet.

In order to find out if you qualify, you need to attend Wednesday 's training. Go ahead and register below.


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