7 Free, Offline Ways to Find Killer Deals

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7 Free, Offline Ways to Find Killer Deals

As a serious, full-time real estate investor, you need to constantly have your feelers out for new methods to find good deals. I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to find a sufficient amount of deals just by looking on Zillow.com and your local MLS. There are a ton of different ONLINE methods […]

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Are You Ready to Receive the Keys to the Ship?

  Have you been using the 21 simple and FREE online methods to find great real estate investments I told you about last week? You should be! If you missed it you can download and listen to it here. If you have access to the internet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be browsing those […]

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Finding, Launching And Selling Rehabs, Rentals and Real Estate Investment Properties Using 21 FREE ONLINE Acquisition Resources and the Property Launch Formula

Are you getting into your real estate investing career and feeling a little stuck on where to find great properties to invest in? Does it seem like there isn’t really anything available in your market? That isn’t true and you just aren’t looking in the right places or looking at ENOUGH prospects. As my brother […]

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Great Real Estate Investments Sell Themselves (And How to Find Real Estate Investments)

TWO NEW REAL ESTATE INVESTING CASE STUDIES FROM JOSH CANTWELL: Today I'm going to walk you through two brand new personal case studies we have of homes we sold in record time last week and yielded a profit of $86,000. I knew this spring selling season was going to be hot, but so far I’m blown […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: How to Use HomePath.com

In this podcast, Josh Cantwell covers how to use HomePath.com. HomePath.com is a website where you can search thousands of foreclosed Fannie Mae homes instantly. You do not have to be a licensed real estate agent to buy homes from this site. You can search through specific criteria to find properties that fit your location and budget. […]

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Weekly Real Estate News and Information 4/21/15

Hey guys, Josh here. You know I love to be on top of real estate news and trends, so I've decided to start sharing my favorite posts of the week so you can stay in the loop with me.   Real Estate in 60 Seconds with Josh Cantwell Check out our latest edition of Real Estate in […]

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Want to Learn How to Make Serious Money Investing in Real Estate? – Strategic Real Estate Coach

Discover a little-known method to make a killing investing in real estate – the answer might surprise you.       The way to make a lot of money investing in real estate is by imitating Donald Trump, right? Wrong. Buying and selling hotels on the strip, developing a few golf courses, and building shopping […]

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Profits Coming In A Month: Melody Lane Rehab Winding Down

We’re just a few weeks from putting this house on Melody Lane on the market. This is another Fannie Mae bank-owned foreclosure that we are rehabbing. We’ve done a lot of work in this house, but when it’s done, it will be move-in ready for the new owners. We completely redid the bathrooms and kitchen, […]

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Countdown To Profits: Property Launch Just A Few Weeks Away

I’m back at the house on Bailey Road in Cuyahoga Falls, OH that we purchased for $31,000. It was a Fannie Mae bank-owned foreclosure, and I bought it using none of my own cash or credit. The house needed a lot of work, but much of it just cosmetic. Our rehab budget was $22,000, and […]

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Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae Joining Forces

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are teaming up to form a new company that will focus on securitizing home loans. This is part of an effort to reduce the role that the government plays in the overall mortgage market. Together, Freddie and Fannie finance 2/3 of all new home loans in the US. According to […]

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