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iPad Mini 2 Giveaway

Here’s the scoop – you subscribe and listen to our podcasts, like what you hear and then leave us a 5 star review on iTunes.  Once you’ve left the review, please e-mail a screen shot of your review to support@srecnow.com. You have until Saturday, August 8, 2015 to enter. We will randomly choose one of the submitted […]

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Review Our Podcast and Win a FREE iPad Mini 2

Interview with Justin Colby of the Science of Flipping Podcast Recently I was able to catch up with a special guest Justin Colby, Co-Founder and President of The Science of Flipping, Omni Investment Group and Phoenix Wealth Builders on my latest episode of Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio. Omni and Phoenix Wealth Builders are both […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: Peggy Palms on Short Sale Fraud, Practicing Law Without a License and WomenInvestorsNetwork.org

  Brian and Paul are joined for this episode by Peggy Palms, one of the top real estate attorneys in the country, author and real estate coach. Peggy touches on the topics of people practicing law without a license as well as short sale fraud. Peggy’s latest passion, WomenInvestorsNetwork.org, which aims to educate women on […]

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BofA Sued By US Over Mortgage Fraud

This one is hot off the presses, and we’ll be learning more as the days come. On Wednesday it was announced that, in a civil mortgage fraud lawsuit, the US is accusing Bank of America of “selling thousands of toxic home loans to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that went into default and caused more […]

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As Short Sales Increase, So Does Suspicious Activity

At the start of this year, the number of short sales has outpaced the number of REO sales in 12 states. Short sales are increasingly popular with investors as a way to maximize returns from foreclosure sales. Along with the increase in short sales comes an increase in “suspicious mortgage activity reports.” These reports don’t […]

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Jon Stewart on Bank Bailouts and Foreclosure Fraud

Jon Stewart's take on the housing crisis from last night's show is probably the most insight reporting I've seen to date about the recent revelations that banks hadn't been "reading the fine print." ~josh See The Daily Show

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SAN BERNARDINO: Two brothers charged with foreclosure fraud

At SREC we’ve often discussed the troubled public perception of using land trusts as a vehicle to successfully complete short sale back-to-back transactions.  Of course, there’s a legal way to use this tool, which we describe in our Dovetail program. The following article references yet another pair of scalawags using land trusts to rip people […]

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Risk for Mortgage Fraud Still High

The troubled housing market is bringing out all sorts of scam artists – people looking to make a quick buck, at the expense of others. Despite tightened lending standards and a greater focus on fraud, the chances of fraud occurring in new mortgages is very high. Interthinx, a California-based company that provides risk mitigation and […]

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“Buy and Bail” Homeowners Get Around Loan Restrictions

Wow, we still have a long way to go before this whole housing crisis is striaghtened out. Homeowners are getting desparate, and getting more creative in how they deal with their underwater homes... Even after Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae increased their standards against mortgage fraud, a practice known as “buy and bail” is taking […]

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Mortgage Brokers Get Criminal Check, Tests

By Jan. 1, 2011, mortgage brokers in all 50 states will be required to pass criminal background and credit checks, and a licensing exam. The move is an attempt to curb the fraud and abuse that triggered rampant lending to people who couldn’t afford to pay their loans, or never intended to in the first […]

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