Referral Renaissance is about to take over the market

By Josh Cantwell: 

Read on to learn how to get your copy of our new report that is so new (I literally just finished it) we don't even have a cover designed for it! 

One of the most exciting things to ever come out of pre-foreclosure and short sale real estate investing is about to take over the market.

As investors what is the one thing that can make or break your business?

Acquiring leads right? New opportunities . . .

What if you could get all the leads you ever wanted in the pre-foreclosure market and pay absolutely nothing for them?

Picture this. A Real Estate agent has a property listed at $400,000 only to find out the seller actually owes $456,000 and is five months away from the foreclosure auction. What’s a real estate agent to do? They need a buyer right? Need someone who is an expert at negotiating short sales with lenders right? Need someone with experience working these transactions out in a timely fashion.

Hmmm…… a buyer and someone who can negotiate a short sale.

Perfect opportunity right? RIGHT?! RIGHT ON!

Now think about this seriously. How many of these opportunities are out there? We are in the middle of the worst housing meltdown in a generation and homeowners are going into foreclosure at an alarming rate ––the highest rate of foreclosure since the Great Depression.

As a real estate investor for the past five years who has bought, fixed and sold at least 250 houses during that time, I have never seen a better time to make money in real estate than today. What? Some of you are saying. . .Yes, that’s right.

Here’s the reason. In the past it was much tougher to find possible houses to buy and sell. It was so tough to find a good deal to work. Whether it was a short sale or an REO those deals were really difficult to get into your pipeline.

Today those deals are available in abundance.

Real estate agents and other referral sources have almost an unlimited number of short sale candidates that an investor can pursue. Real estate agents all over the US have listings that are over leveraged and in foreclosure. Title companies and real estate attorneys know people going into foreclosure everyday. Mortgage brokers are trying to refinance homeowners in trouble.

They are just dying to find someone who will make an offer to buy the property and successfully negotiate a short sale and stop the foreclosure.

As an investor we are looking for these houses in which we can make an offer, gain control of the house and quick-turn it for a profit ––Buy and sell quickly and cash that huge profit check.

Why spend tons of money on new leads through direct mail, postcards, voice broadcast, billboards and signs when all the leads you’d ever want are free and waiting for you?

Just ask.

Real estate agents are anxious to get to the closing table ASAP because most of them ––the ones that are left––haven’t been to the closing table or received a commission check for months.

When I started teaching other investors to do this business back in 2004 I never imagined getting new deals into my pipeline would be so easy.

And the properties come with a built in real estate agent who can sell the property, too.

The Referral Renaissance, a report that I just completed, will be out today –– that’s right TODAY. Forty pages of rock solid content about how to build a ridiculously profitable real estate investing business without spending a dime on marketing and advertising. Click here to download your copy NOW from

There have been over 20,000 people who have downloaded The Short Sale Manifesto since May 2007. Over 30,000 people will get this new free report about building a lucrative and rewarding pre-foreclosure and short sale business by referral only.

The foreclosure crisis will not last forever nor will the short sale referral. The window on this opportunity will one day close. Once the market rebounds the number of short sale candidates will slowly decline as will the opportunity.

Have you ever worked a short sale with a real estate agent? Did it work out? How did you do? Make money? Crash and burn?

Let me know your experiences here on the Strategic Real Estate Coach blog by commenting below and I will get you all your answers.

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