Taking a Leap of Faith

How to Fund Your Deals

By now you know that my business is 100% automated - and I have no problem teaching my students the EXACT blueprint I use to be successful. Let's walk through the process of how to get your deals funded by raising private money through our Freedom Funding program.

  1. Notes - This is the letter you will give your private lender that will act as an IOU. The note acts as proof that they loaned you money
  2. Mortgage - This document that secures the loan against the piece of real estate
  3. Overages - This is the money you receive cash back at closing. When you ask for over thepurchase amount of the property, you can have money remaining to use toward your rehab, insurance, utilities and marketing of the property
  4. Property Launch - Holding open houses and marketing your property to sell it once it hits the market

Watch the video below to walk through a case study of mine on 1297 on Steve Drive and get a better understanding of this process.

To learn more about how to find great deals in your market and learn the exact blueprint I use to flip multiple properties at once and QUICKLY WITHOUT using any of my own cash or credit, click here.

Exclusive One-on-one Coaching

If you’ve already started your real estate investing career, but you are looking to be evaluated on what your strengths are and where you need work, you might want to consider applying for our exclusive one-on-one coaching program.           

This is NOT a cookie-cutter system and we will NOT try to squeeze you into a mold that doesn’t fit what your business goals are. You will be assessed based on your personal experience, your income goals and your desired lifestyle. Then we will come up with simple, actionable steps for you to follow that will help automate and maximize your business.

Our one-on-one coaching comes with unlimited calls with your personal development coach AND 24/7 e-mail support. When you wake up in the middle night with a new idea or question, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

You will also receive access to our elite accelerated investor mastermind group where you can discover how your peers are crushing it in their market. There is also access to our private forum and quarterly face-to-face mastermind sessions.

Not everyone is cut out for this program, but if you are serious about your real estate investing career, want to automate your business AND stay miles ahead of your competition, apply for this program now to see if you are good fit.

Bryan Ellis Interview

In the latest episode of my podcast, Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio, I chat with my old friend Bryan Ellis, who is the founder, publisher and editor of The Bryan Ellis Real Estate Letter. Bryan is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has been involved in many aspects of the real estate industry, including multiple years as an individual investor in the metro Atlanta area where he focused on the purchase and resale of single family homes using creative real estate strategies.

We discuss self-directed investing and respecting your own capital. We use the S3 model - simple, safe and strong. Bryan tells us what kinds of investments fit these three words:

  1. Hard Money Lending
  2. Real Estate Note Investments
  3. Tax Liens and Tax Deeds

Click here to listen to and download this entire episode.

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