The #1 Real Estate Investing Myth Debunked

Another Flip & Fund Summit Success!

Our Flip & Fund Summit in beautiful Dallas, Texas is officially OVER and let me tell you, it’s one for the record books!

We had about 80 like-minded, serious real estate investors all gathered in one room for three days with myself and my faculty and it was INCREDIBLE. Lots of great questions, ideas and suggestions were flying.

Since this event was such a great success, we are planning on finishing out the year with ONE more Flip & Fund Summit in December, so keep your ears and eyes open for more details if you weren’t able to make our Dallas event.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the event below:

The Illusion

Alright, back to business – I want to talk to you guys about a little myth that exists in the world of real estate investing. If you’re just starting out, or maybe have some experience but you’ve been trying to gain a little more education, you might have come across this illusion.

The myth is that you should settle for very small deals so you can get enough cash to pay your bills and get enough cash to do the big deals on your own.

The truth is, I was able to fund big deals right from the start by using other people’s money. I call this the $40,000 Real Estate Illusion. Hundreds of investors have come to me over the past few years with their business plan to quit their job and become a full time real estate investor.

They always want to start with small, wholesale deals until they build their credibility and cash then move on to the bigger, $40k deals.

Now, to be honest, this isn’t a BAD plan. It CAN work, it’s just the HARD way. What’s frustrating about it is that very few people make it work because they get sick of wholesaling properties. It’s A LOT of work and money up front to create the direct mail you would need to send. It’s shocking to me to go this route and not just focus on ONE, big profit making deal.

It’s true that you still need to have some cash up front to start, but I am buying houses off the MLS which are free. I’m buying houses directly from wholesalers, so they paid all the marketing expenses.

If I do about four flips a year, I make the same amount as the wholesaler who sent out $100,000 worth of direct mail, had to look at 400 properties, made 400 offers and only got 50 properties. Instead of babysitting 50 closings, I only have 4.

When I explain this to students, I don’t understand how you could do it any other way. That’s what my $40k Flips system that I created is for, I’ll show you EXACTLY how I am able to work on just 4-5 deals a year while others are working a full time job and trying to balance their real estate investing career on the side.

Check out my full video blog about the Illusion and sign up for my free master class.

Find ALL the Deals You Need and Want

Now, to continue from above, if you are ready to do a few large deals a year, but are having trouble finding the good properties in your market, don’t worry, I have the solution.

You can download my FREE report, 55 Simple and Powerful Ways to Find KILLER Real Estate Investments, now!

This combined with my $40k Flips program will send you on your way to being a successful, full time real estate investor in no time.

These 55 methods are exactly what myself and my Maverick Mastermind colleagues are using to find all of our real estate investments.

Download 55 Simple Ways now! 

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