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Real Estate in 60 Seconds - Finding Deals

This week we were able to catch up with one of my property manager’s, Dione Saliba, for a new episode of Real Estate in 60 Seconds.

We joined him one of our current properties that we’re rehabbing, 26930 Oxford Park Lane in Olmsted Township, Ohio. A question that Dione and I get asked frequently is “how do you find such profitable properties?”

One of our biggest, easiest ways to find properties is – the internet! No secret there. There are TONS of websites that you can search to see what’s available in your market. One site that we’ve been using frequently is

Hubzu is a simple to use site where you can bid on a property that’s listed or search by address, city or zip code. When you bid through, you don’t have to submit any other information until you get a winning bid.

Watch the full video below to see how we utilize on a regular basis:

Case Study - 26930 Oxford Park Lane

A few weeks ago, I shared a new episode of Real Estate Investing Made Easy with Dione called “How to Flip Houses for a Profit.”

You saw where we were at with Oxford and I just got a chance to get up there this week and see how the progress was coming. It’s looking FANTASTIC. I can’t wait to get this property listed – it’s really going to be an amazing house. Check out the outside revamp here:

Let’s move inside to check out the kitchen – the flooring is a mix of travertine and slate that we got for a great discount at an auction.

One of your biggest secret weapons when rehabbing a house is finding high grade materials for a great price so you can spend the bulk of your money on your labor and use the right contractors who will do a phenomenal job and stay on schedule.

The Real Estate Investor’s Gold Mine

Lately, I’ve been hearing many people saying, “There are no properties available in my area” and I am here to tell you today that is NOT true. Maybe you’re just looking in the same places as EVERYONE else in your market.

There are many ways to find deals – on and off market. I got together with some of my Maverick Mastermind fellow real estate investing professionals and we compiled 55 different ways that we use to find properties. And they WORK.

If you haven’t already downloaded my FREE report, “55 Simple and Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Deals,” I suggest you do that right NOW.

In it, you will find:

  • 21 Simple and Powerful FREE ONLINE Methods That Find Killer Real Estate Investments without any money for marketing whatsoever
  • 11 Simple Free OFFLINE Marketing Methods To Acquire Great Real Estate Cash Flow Deals
  • 6 Powerful Software Platforms That Pump Motivated Seller Leads Directly Into Your Inbox
  • 16 Simple Paid Offline Marketing Strategies That Push Motivated Leads To Your Inbox And Create Mass Brand Recognition And Mass Market Appeal for Your Business
  • 15 Must Use Free or Very Cheap Resources And Tools Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Automate Their Real Estate Business
  • PLUS, the Automated Offer Formula You Should Be Using To Bid Blind On Real Estate Properties Without Ever Seeing Them

With this free report, I guarantee you will dominate your local, and virtually any other, market. 

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