Do you have these problems with Short Sales?

It’s become increasingly difficult to do real estate the old way, especially short sales.

When it comes to short sales and especially, back-to-back transactions, and quick flips seem like a thing of the past…...OR ARE THEY?

Today, on a lot of deals, you need cash or extended transactional funding, and need to hold the deals before you sell for profit which eats into your margins.

That’s where The Dovetail Method™ comes into play.

The Dovetail Method™ is arguably the MOST effective way for quick-turning short sales for profit.

Using the Dovetail Method™ you can:

- Comply With MLS “Owner of Record” Listing Rules
- Completely control your short sale listings
- Eliminate potential conflict of interest for your listing agents
- Have better control of your short sale deals
- Conduct back to back closings with ease
- No more “flaky” homeowners agreeing to a “deed in lieu” in the middle of your short sale
- Stop other investors from stealing your short sale deals
- Conduct your business with complete confidentiality
- Enjoy complete anonymity in your short sale deals
- Sell to any buyer
- And when properly used, the Dovetail Method™ will allow you to sell your short sale properties to FHA end buyers.

I’m fortune that the inventors of this strategy are coaching students turned coaches of mine and they will join me on TWO training webinars that go into Dovetail in detail, and how it can be immediately applied to your investing business.

The first call (part 1) is TONIGHT 4/14 at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

Because of the nature of this training event, lines will be extremely limited. I’m already looking into how I can expand the GoToWebinar lines because we are at full capacity.

You can register now for the first training call at the link below but make sure you get there early to get a spot:

See you Tonight,


P.S. Please be advised, The Dovetail Method™ is so exclusive that it is protected by copyright, trademarks and has a United States Patent Pending so it’s impossible to rip it off! This program is intended for seasoned investors due to the intricacies of this strategy.

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