ICI Manifesto: Complimentary 40 page Digital Book. Get it now.

I just got off the phone yesterday with a local realtor who is a BIG HITTER in my area. His name is Pete.

Pete told me he and his realtor buddies have 28 listings and "NOTHING IS SELLING".


I told Pete EVERYTHING I have is selling.


"Pete" I said, "I have more buyers than I can handle."

So Pete replied "What The Frick Am I Doing Wrong?"

I told him "Bro, you are selling all your houses the wrong way. No one can get credit these days. Everyone who can get credit wants a deal and takes forever to find a house they want and close. You are doing it all wrong. Do THIS instead."

So I handed him this free digital book I wrote that explains:

  • How I am selling every house in days - not months,
  • How I am selling these houses to buyers without bank loans,
  • How my phone rings off the hook EVERYTIME my assistant puts a simple craigslist ad out and
  • How I make an average of $5,000 to $12,000 on each deal up front within a few days.

Now he gets it.

Just because banks aren't lending doesn't mean people stop wanting houses. They want houses. They just can't get bank loans.

Now I want to give you the same book.

It's free. Get it here.

The Instant Cash Infusion Manifesto will show you how to:

  • Buy houses no one can sell
  • Sell houses no one can buy
  • Make $5,000 to $12,000 average per deal.
  • And do it all with a simple postcard, a public list, and a craigslist ad.

I just released the "Instant Cash Infusion Manifesto" TODAY. Its 40 pages of ROCK SOLID CONTENT that shows you how to make money TODAY and why the real estate market TODAY is different than EVER BEFORE.

Go get it now.


P.S. This "Survival Guide" is the key to acquiring and selling properties over and over when banks aren't lending.

Did you know that 28% of all mortgage applications are DECLINED?

And the number of sales is down 25% because of it?

And that property values are down 7.5% since last year at this time?

And homeowners equity is evaporating?

And you have a giant opportunity to buy these houses without a bank loan and sell these houses without bank loans and get paid every time?

Well I have the solution. The answers you seek are in this free book.

Go get it now

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