4 Simple Ways to Automate Your Profit System


Recently, I took a survey from some of our students to see what their top challenges are when it comes to real estate investing. For the beginners, we found out that finding great deals is their number one challenge, closely followed by getting the funding.

For the more intermediate to advanced students we surveyed, they said their number one challenge is automation. They want to grow and scale their business to go from doing one deal a month to doing two or three at a time.

Today, I want to focus on having the ability to automate, grow and scale your business virtually so you are able to have the flexible lifestyle you've always wanted, but still make money in real estate. Through this training, you will be able to see the power of the internet and the power of software and how they can impact the scale and growth of your business.

These systems are something truly anyone can do.

Are You Running Business or Does Your Business Run You?

There is a big difference between worker harder and working smarter to reach your business goals.

Right now, we're in the strongest BUYER'S MARKET we've seen in years. Which means there's an ENORMOUS amount of money out there on the table up for grabs.

How do you get that money?

It's NOT by working yourself to death by pulling 12 hour days. I'm embarrassed to say that some of the best real estate investors I know, also happen to be the laziest. Yet, they are able to crush it month after month because they have automated systems that are doing the heavy lifting FOR them.

An Automated Lifestyle

We know in order for our business to be successful, we have to have motivated sellers, or leads, coming in. From there, there is one way to convert those leads into actual deals.

Think about how time consuming it can be to go through offers, pre-screening and follow-up with motivated sellers. This is something that absolutely NEEDS to be automated.

The LESS time you spend in the day to day operations of your business, the more EFFECTIVE you can be at growing the business and the processes.

4 Key Steps

Step 1: Find Motivated Sellers

Our student's best deals from from:

  • REO's (Real Estate Owned)
  • For Sale By Owners (motivated sellers)
  • A seller that can't sell
  • High liability property
  • Secret listings
  • Hidden HUD deals

Step 2: Turning Leads Into Deals

Most investors do this all wrong...

  • They want to look at every deal first
  • Then run numbers and hope it's still available
  • This is a HUGE time waster

You have to make a lot of offers and follow up on them. There's more money made in the follow up offers than there ever is in the original offer.

You also need a detailed cover letter for each offer so it breaks down who you are, what you're doing and why you're buying it. You should keep submitting offers every 14-21 days if your first one doesn't go through and update the cover letter with each new offer.

As you can see, this can get pretty time consuming.

Step 3: The Four Ways to Profit

This is where the money is made...

  • Wholesaling (there are SIX DIFFERENT ways to wholesale!)
  • Cash Flow
    • Creative financing situations
    • Buy and hold (rental properties)
  • Quick turn for big checks
    • Structuring funding for your deals
    • Fixing up the property and selling (rehabs)
  • Partnership program

Step 4: Automating the Process

You HAVE to leverage and outsource your business to be successful in your growth.

You will need things like a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Closing Coordinator, or some type of part-time helper because if you take on these tasks yourself, you are wasting A LOT of time. You must create an SOP for them to work by.

We can help you automate...

  • Your lead generation
  • Your converting process... turning leads into deals
  • Your exit strategy... we have your buyers
  • The need for money... we have private lenders

As a business owner myself, I know it's hard to sometimes take a step back and delegate duties to someone else because you know how to do it and the exact way you want it done. But, I have learned over the years the only way to grow and scale your business is to take those tasks OFF your plate.

Take a Vacation

Imagine this scenario... you decide you've had enough with the stresses of life and want to take a break. You book a much-needed vacation, to a part of the world you have always wanted to see.

You can lay back on a beach, go hiking through the mountains, take a safari - whatever sounds good to you, you have time for it all.

While you're there, you hardly check your email or feel the need to make sure your business is running smoothly because you know it's all AUTOMATED. Imagine then, going home, sifting through the mail you received while you were gone and opening up a $27k profit check that was just waiting for you to return.

Be Daring,

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