The Only Real Estate Strategy You’ll Ever Need

After weekends like Labor Day, doesn’t it make you wish you were able to have the flexible schedule and lifestyle like a long, holiday weekend all the time?

Big Brother Breaks Free

As a professional real estate investor who left a full-time job as a financial planner, a question I get asked frequently is “how do I make the transition from my full-time job to becoming a full-time real estate investor?”

In this free $40k Flips training, I interview my brother Mark who gave up his full-time teaching career to work with me flipping houses. He started helping me with my wholesale deals, but quickly realized he was more interested in big flips that involved a lot of rehab and watching the transformation process of the properties.

Mark is very artistic and loves to take a house that needs a TON of work and see it change. He now has moved from the more creative side of things to finding good deals and making the right offers.

Some of the benefits we have discovered that come with being a full-time real estate investor are:

  • I never miss one of my kids Dr’s appointments or school functions
  • Flexible vacation schedule
  • Be able to afford all the things you and your family need or want

One of the biggest things to figure out in your career is balance – to figure out how to have enough money to live the life you desire and to be able to have the time to do the things you want to.

Picture your dream lifestyle and then map out exactly what you need to do to get there.

Click here to watch the full video training with Mark and I.

The Only Real Estate Strategy You’ll Ever Need

This business is NOT a fad, it isn’t always fluctuating. Real estate investing has always been around and WILL always be around. The system on how to do it doesn’t really change.

You can learn our exact process and system that we put together with our $40k Flips program. We will teach you everything you need to know about how to successfully transition into your real estate investing career and be able to live the flexible and profitable lifestyle you’ve always desired.

If you want to learn the ONLY strategy you’ll ever need to be a successful real estate investor from myself and my brother Mark, register for our FREE master training class on Wednesday, September 9.

We have three time slots available – 2pm, 8pm and 11pm ET.

Spots are filling up quick, so hurry and register now. You do NOT want to miss this!

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