My Underground Internet Marketing Brain Trust

You don't know this (not many people do) but for the last few years I've been building my businesses with the help of a small group of extraordinary Internet Geniuses who I consult with to guide the marketing efforts for both my real estate and my training businesses.

These guys aren't "run-of-the-mill Gurus", you'll never see them on stage --  they're  the REAL DEAL. 

I'll tell you more about this "brain trust" in a second, but here's why it matters to you...

I've done some arm twisting and convinced these 5 experts to join me on a "no-holds-barred" LIVE interrogation session where I'll grill them for their most powerful secrets from their private vaults to share with YOU.

I'm doing this on a LIVE training webinar this Sunday night at 8:30pm Eastern. Believe me... if making more money in your business is of any concern to you then, YOU NEED TO BE ON THIS CALL.

Click here to register for the LIVE Internet Marketing Genius Interview Series this Sunday night at 8:30 pm Eastern :

So let me tell you about this crew.

Combined they have worked with some of the largest companies in the world, managed MILLIONS (8 figures) in advertising budgets, created MILLIONS in revenue, and DOMINATE the internet in their industries...including real estate!

They are truly "underground marketers" producing amazing results for their clients, themselves, and for the last 3 years I've had the privilege to gain access to this powerful brain trust of top-notch experts - and have seen leaps and bounds in my business.

Here's the run down:

-    Ryan Bush: He's an expert at selling real estate using the internet, generating motivated sellers leads, and building rabid buyers list. He's worked behind the scenes as the right hand man of one of the country's most recognized real estate investors and cracked the code on getting deals done today using the latest cutting edge strategies.

-    Brian Hanson: He's worked in and out of real estate investing for the last ten years. He's a free traffic expert with over 400 websites - JUST ONE of which gets over 200,000 unique visits per month in an extremely competitive market. He's used this expertise to take his main business from a $1,500 investment to over $6 MILLION in annual sales in just 3 years.

-    The Ablola Brothers (Bernard and Francis) - the ultimate traffic and conversion team... Bernard is an expert at generating leads online. As a Microsoft Analyst he played a key role in the launch of MSN's advertising platform working with the world's largest and most recognized companies. (His team managed over $20 MILLION in ad spend annually.) Today he helps small businesses explode their bottom line with highly effective, low cost online marketing and lead generation strategies.

-    On the other side, Francis, is an expert at converting leads into customers. He directed the online marketing operations of 5 business units of a Fortune 1000 company. Since then he quickly became known as the "hired-gun marketer" for today's top real estate investing trainers creating tens of thousands of new prospects turning them into millions in revenue using persuasive advertising copy.

-    And last but not least is my own right hand man, Mike Gleba. Mike manages my own marketing operations in house and is key at taking projects from start to finish. He's a master at social media marketing and creating virtual teams to get things done. He's one of the most important keystones in my business and I'm giving him full permission to raise the curtain and hold nothing back.

I can go on and on with these guys' credentials, but none of that stuff matter. What matters is how they can grow your investing business and increase your profits thru their POWERFUL MARKETING STRATEGIES. That's what Sunday's call is all about.

On our LIVE call this Sunday night you'll get a very RARE look at how these "underground marketers" produce real results for YOU.

Click here to register for the LIVE Internet Marketing Genius Interview Series this Sunday night at 8:30 pm Eastern :

Nothing like this has EVER been done before. Just getting these guys on a line together was a major undertaking.

I'm going to hold them to the fire for their biggest strategies for WINNING in today's market.

You do not want to miss this call.


P.S. Again, these aren't gurus - they help real businesses, run real businesses, and create opportunities for profit every day. YOU are going to get exactly what works - NOT fluff or theory. I can't stress enough that these guys are the real deal. I fully expect this call to fill up fast.

P.P.S. Remember, this call is LIVE, so I may be able to convince them to do some Q&A too!

Click here to register for the LIVE Internet Marketing Genius Interview Series this Sunday night at 8:30 pm Eastern :

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