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How to Rehab a Foreclosure in 6 Easy Steps

If you are just getting started in your real estate investment career, you might be curious what the process we use to rehab our properties to sell is. Let’s take a walk through a case study of mine, 1171 Gardner Blvd. in Norton, Ohio which is a suburb of Akron. We bought this property for $56,905 as a foreclosed property. We had a rehab and repair budget of $39,000, which is pretty large for us.

We sold the house for a total of $136,000 and walked away with a profit check for over $35,000!

Here is the six step process that we use with every house we flip:

Step 1: Demo – Take down/remove anything that needs to be rebuilt or removed

Step 2: Focus on Utilities – get a plumber and electrician to walk through and check everything/repair anything that isn’t working or needs updated

Step 3: Repair Walls/Prep for Paint

Step 4: Paint

Step 5: Install – this ranges from lights to cabinets to counter tops

Step 6: Finish Work – make sure all holes are patched painted, everything is clean, the property is staged and the landscaping is finished 

This process doesn’t necessarily need to be followed just foreclosures, it can apply for any property you purchase to rehab and flip.

See the updates we made to 1171 Gardner Road and learn more about this process by watching the video below:

One-on-One Coaching

Do you enjoy learning our exact systems and strategies like the 6 Easy Steps above to rehabbing a property? The real estate investing industry is really heating up and I understand sometimes it can be tough to stay on top of the latest trends and education.

I have been working as a full time real estate investor since 2003 and have bought and sold over 600+ properties.  It can take some people YEARS to learn what I know about this industry and even more time to get their business automated.

It never makes sense to me why some people try and do it on their own – when the training and expertise is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. My business has proven results and hundreds of students can stand by that claim. My team of real estate experts and I WANT to give you ALL the information you will need to automate your business and become a house flipping machine.  

Why waste your time trying to do it all alone and prolonging getting the results you want and the profit checks you need?

We know not everyone has the same objectives and goals, so we made sure this isn’t a cookie cutter program. This one-on-one coaching opportunity is a different experience for EVERYONE. The plan we create for you will be just that – customized FOR YOU.

We are continuously taking applications to find students who are the right fit for this program.

To learn more and apply for this powerful, life-changing opportunity, click here.

This program will teach you how to collect the profit checks without EVER picking up a paint brush or hammer – it’s every real estate investor’s DREAM.

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Good Luck & Be Daring,


CEO Strategic Real Estate Coach

CEO Freeland Ventures and Freeland Lending

CEO Yellow Jacket Properties

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