How SREC has Helped People Like You?

Real estate is and will probably always be a hot market for the right types of people. For those who are driven by measured success, real estate can be just the right field for you. With so many scams and con artists trying to sell you on how to buy and sell properties, rehab foreclosed houses, and even making promises on investment training seminars, it can be difficult to distinguish who to trust.

Who are We?

At SREC, Strategic Real Estate Coach, we know how hard it can be to find legitimate companies who actually know what they are talking about. Founded by Josh Cantwell, SREC is all about working with people like you to achieve their financial goals. We don’t open our training to just anyone because we want to share this information with those who really want to achieve success.

Our teams consist of real estate investors, agents, buyers and sellers, and even people who are just tired of their jobs that have no real estate experience. All you need is a will to learn and receive coaching from Josh Cantwell and the team, who actually still work the deals! You aren’t learning from someone who used to be in the market or from a team who made their millions in the past, but rather SREC is a working group of people who know the markets now.

Everyone you know has a Real Estate Opinion

Your neighbors, your brother-in-law, your hairdresser, all seem to know about investing and they aren’t shy about sharing their opinions. If they aren’t working the deals right now, you need to find a real estate coach who is. Would an NFL team take advice from a fan? Probably not but they would take advice from their coach and follow it for a win.

The coaches at SREC know what they are talking about and your real estate business will benefit from their advice. When you have questions, who do you know who to ask and should you trust their advice? If you are asking a SREC coach or mentor, you know they want you to achieve success.

Don’t let the ideas of short sales, foreclosures, nightmare rehabs, a soft market, or any other plethora of real estate problems scare you from achieving your financial goals. With a SREC mentor from the Cantwell team, your goals can be reached and you can sleep at night knowing you have the best team on your side.

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